Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nine Patches

Really over 150 of them in two sizes -- they're ready to get sewn together into my Mamie quilt. 

The light and dark fabrics were pulled from my stash.  I can't wait to lay them out and sort through what order they will be put together.  Summers are short, so most free time is spent in the garden, or watering flowers or running the pups in the woods. I try to keep things in perspective and tell myself that I won't always be able to tie up those tomato plants. The quilt blocks aren't going anywhere.

Here are a couple of my favorite combinations.
This is my favorite block....

This was the big project for the summer-- Don screened in our Covered Porch.  I now have three new screen doors....Here is the double set....

Stuffed Crab for Supper
Sprinklers for the garden

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Carol said...

I'm dancing in my living room! Love your blocks. Oh it's going to be a wonderful, wonderful quilt! Your porch is awesome...perfect sewing spot!