Friday, February 23, 2007

I haven’t done much quilting this week. I worked on my Sunday school lesson, the general day in –day out stuff at home. The weather got up to 50 degrees one day. Ransom and I took a walk without a coat- Defiance I call it. They’re predicting snow this weekend, but the break in the weather was nice.

Hopefully, I’ll get to leave work a little early today and I can knock out the housework where we’ll all get another free weekend. That way I’ll have quilt pictures to post.

What do I do when cabin fever sets in? Some people really get it bad this time of year because the winters are long. It’s a mind over matter thing for me. It’s something I talk myself through. And I change the dishes and the quilts.
Here are the dishes that will get me through March and April. Blueberry dishes. I’m rushing spring but I’m tired of snowmen. They were gifts from Don one Christmas. These are the best mugs for soup. I definitely need to work on spring quilts.

Eric’s got one week until spring break. My folks are doing well.

It’s funny how the Good Lord always gives you just what you need. My bible readings this week dealt with complaining. When Moses lead the Israelites out of slavery to their “Promised Land”, they complained. They were tired. Things weren’t easy. They were hungry. Many times they lost focus on their purpose. I think I needed that—at least I’ve spent the week thinking before complaining and then choosing not to.

1. Longer days- the sun is beginning to rise as I go to work.
2. Recognizing my limits
3. Bubble bath


jpquilter said...

your dishes are beautiful - hope you do get some quilting time this weekend - I have some corners I want to clean and freshen up too - maybe I will aim for a friday afternoon cleaning binge and take a bit of my weekend for quilting too

Libby said...

Love the dishes. I have to wonder . . . what kind of storage do you have for when they are not on display? It must be wonderful *s*
I hope you have some quilting time this weekend - it will refresh you.

Carol said...

Your gratitude on recognizing your limitations spoke volumes to me. I'm great about recognizing them but have a real hard time giving in to them. Need to work on that. Enjoy your sewing time!

Conni Lu said...

Very pretty dishes. I have a weakness for dishes. DSIL calls it being a "dishaholic." I don't buy all that I would like to but my eyes are surely attracted to them. Hope you have a good quilty moment(s) sometime very soon!

Dawn said...

I love your blueberry dishes! I think that is so funny how you change your dishes and quilts for the seasons!

Joanne said...

Love the dishes. I'm tired of snowmen, too. It's on my list of things to do this weekend -- put the snowmen and winter quilts away and pull out some spring stuff -- I'll do it in the middle of the ice/snow storm we're gonna get!

Beemoosie said...

Love your comments on the Word and complaining...we always want "spring" don't we! :) Need to look for all the things to be thankful for on these cold winter days-thanks for reminding me!
I love your blueberry dishes too! I'm wondering, how many different sets do you have for your display?

anne bebbington said...

Those are lovely dishes - that soft subtle blue/green shade is one of my favourites - the UK chain of shops Laura Ashley went through a phase of using it in their interior decorating schemes and fabric ranges about 15 years ago and called it 'smoke' I loved it then and still love it now

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You have a great display area for all your seasonal plates!



Elaine Adair said...

ohhhh, darling dishes!

Laura said...

Your dishes are gorgeous! I am a dish junkie myself. I like how you change yours out. I might have to start doing that!