Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well the kid made it back to school safe and sound. I said to Don, “Maybe that trip will make a believer out of him, that the weather should make him leery of those long trips--- it took 8 hours instead of 6.5.” Don’s reply, “Are you kidding? I guarantee you it made him feel invincible. Like he can now handle anything!!” Guys--- what are you going to do with them?

Without a doubt I read more about quilting than I actually get to do. It’s not a complaint. It’s just a fact. I’m not “poor mouthing” either. I know my turn will come --- it’s just not right now. And I think I do a pretty good job juggling quilting time right now, with all the help I get around the house. Well, Libby and Jeanne have often spoken of Lynda Hall patterns. Well I researched it and have become completely charmed with her Primitive Pieces Pattern line. I joined her Pattern club to get updates and emails. Well—lo and behold, on Dec 29th I got an email saying I had won a drawing as the December Pattern club member and my prize would appear in the mail. I was thrilled

I’ll never forget the first time ordered patterns. She was gone to market and I had had a really crappy day at work. I needed therapy, so I tried to order 3 patterns. I left a message. Well, she called me back the minute she walked in the door from market because she said I sounded “pretty weary” over the answering machine. We must have talked for 20 minutes about quilting, quilt market, and fabric. Now that was real therapy. She didn’t even know me and took the time out for me.

Here is the prize that came in the mail.
It’s Mr. Jack Frost—monogrammed with the JF and Icicles. His home for the moment is the mantel of my fireplace.
The card is as cute as the piece. I’ll always remember Lynda, as it was hand made by her. My favorite part of the woolen piece is her initials she appliquéd on the back.
I guess the message for the day is that if you don’t put a label on your work, maybe just put the initials on it. It makes for great memories for others.

1. Surprises in the Mail
2. Libby
3. The TV Don hung in my sewing room a couple of weeks ago.


McIrish Annie said...

Couldn't help noticing one of your gratitudes was your tv hanging in your sewing room.

i have been bugging my DH to do the same thing to mine and yesterday, he finally got our beloved handi guy (we call him the Bird Man) over to take measurements and get it mounted. it will certainly free up some needed space in my sewing room.

love Jack Frost and will definitely check out Lynda Hall.

glad your son made it back safely. I know i hold my breath until i hear from Alex when he heads back north. he has limited cell phone range in Vermont on a good part of his ride.

kjquilts said...

How lucky you are to win Jack Frost!!! I know you will treasure him especially because Lynda made it. You're right, your time will come to spend quilting...keep reading about it and enjoy your television hung on the wall!

Libby said...

Yippee! A prize in the mail -- and a darling one at that. I'm so glad that you were the winner. Jack Frost has found the perfect home.

Carol said...

I love your Jack Frost...Lynda is a good friend of mine and she is just as wonderful all the time and she was when you all spoke on the phone. She's a real gem.

Jeanne said...

Lynda is such a dear! I'm envious of your fun Jack Frost :)

Feeling better?

Hugs ~ Jeanne

Finn said...

Hello again, so glad things seem to be better and that you are back. Sometimes life can get pretty heavy..*VBS* Three cheers for the happy talk with Lynda and the's adorable and so "you". Guess that was where it was meant to go..*S* Hope the road ahead is smoother. Hugs, Finn

Dawn said...

Oh how cute! My friend whose parents just passed away that I made that comfort quilt for happens to be in FL still taking care of things. Turns out Lynda lives about 20 mins away and my friend has been having coffee and stuff with her to get away! Lynda is a really really nice down to earth person.

Eric said...

Haha, I'm getting to read this a little belatedly. "It's going to make him invincible, like he can handle anything..." That's pretty funny, I can laugh.