Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I’m dragging this morning. Chelsey worked last night and so I was up until 10:15 pm waiting for her. When your day starts @ 4:30 am, you’re pretty weary by then.
I got home from work and literally ‘threw’ clothes in the washer and Ransom and I took off trotting through the snow. I wear hiking boots for balance and traction on the snow and ice. They’re definitely heavier than walking shoes.

This weekend I put on the dishes for Valentine’s Day.
They don’t have hearts or anything. They’re just red. Not expensive. I loved them because I loved the Red house on them.
I think I liked them ‘subliminally’ because they look like fabric around the edges.
The Red coffee pot was a Christmas gift from my Mom one Christmas.

I got the fabric I ordered for my Mom’s Valentine’s Day runner. It’s packaged so pretty--- almost too pretty to cut. Maybe, I’ll have a picture for tomorrow. I was going to use the same principle I made for My MIL’s quilt for my Mom’s. But I thought about it. My Mother in Law has two daughters in law. I would pretty much be disappointed if she gave us the same thing. Not that there is anything wrong with Cindy; we’re just different people. If I call Don’s Mom at work, or if I send her a note I always sign it, ‘Your Favorite Daughter-In-Law’. Presumptuous, probably. Arrogant--- Definitely. True? Most probably not. My Mother-in-Law isn’t like that. It’s just a joke between the two of us. She’s a neat lady.

So anyway, I’ve got another pattern and blocks to put together for my Mom’s runner. I’m making it without a ‘Valentine’ theme because anything could happen and it might not make it on time—so she can keep using it long after the holiday.

1. Caffeine – to get me through the day.
2. The Jeep’s Radio
3. Fresh Sheets


Libby said...

I like to bill myself as "#1 Daughter-In-Law." Of course, meaning the favorite, but definitely I have been around much longer than the other.

Joanne said...

Great quilt for your DMIL. I love your dishes, too. Seems to me I've seen them before.
The Saints: Wait til next year has been Chicago's theme for both the Cubs and the Bears for years! LOL

Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE the dishes! Those are so cute on those racks!

debby said...

Great dishes!

Off to get out my Thimbleberries tablerunner (thanks for the photo reminder!)

jpquilter said...

love your red dishes - I have some heart quilts that I should get out - I rarely decorate for holidays but it might help me stay on top of some of the seasonal tasks

Carol said...

I love your dishes.

Jane Ann said...

I trained my now-12-y-o niece from infancy to refer to me as her "favorite aunt." She really loves it although she has to act as if I'm the biggest nerd she knows when I make her say it! (I make her say it over and over! Hee hee.)

anne bebbington said...

Love those dishes!

Clare said...

My MIL died before we married. However, if she would still be alive, I very much doubt I would be her favourite - that honour was given to DH's first wife. Love the plates.

Patti the Hardenbrook Girl said...

I love these dishes SO much! Perfect dishes for a quilter. They must be so much fun to use. If I had unlimited money and storage (and if wishes were horses . . .) I would have lots of sets of dishes - some for every season and every holiday.