Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I’m having a great week. I’ve been sewing everyday. Funny story--- DH and I went shopping out of town. Don only shops with a plan. He makes me have my shopping itinerary and potential gift list. It was a pain... but really a good idea. We pile into the car. Of course we have our”plan” and our jackets—it’s cold where we live. I have my hand quilting in my lap. We’re about 50 miles down the road and I realize I forgot my purse. So when it came to shopping and purchasing, Don and I were pretty much Velcro-ed together for the day as he had the credit cards. All he kept saying was “Hey—you remembered your quilting!!!!” I thought it was funny—he didn’t. But for the first time in years he was a participant in the gifts, rather than just paying for the credit card bill.

Me--- I think a therapist would say ‘You definitely are showing signs of a quilting addiction!!!”

Anyway--- A couple of things before I return to the sewing room. Pictures will come soon---I promise. Every year I give my Sunday school kids—4 year olds--- a book for Christmas. I search and research to find the perfect one. This is this year’s gift—Room for a Little One.
The Illustrations are beautiful. It’s a unique tale of Christmas through animal’s eyes. I think the kids will go back to year after year. Even my kids who are 16 & 18 go back to Christmas tales. We pile up the Christmas children’s books in a basket. They will be waiting for supper or a date and I’ll see them flipping through them still. Another is The Crippled Lamb.

Money Back Guarantee on this one. I had extra copies last year and brought as gifts in the Nursing Home. Adults love this one.

OK for yourself – on a clearance rack at Barnes and Noble on a College campus I found this book—A Barn in New England, by Joseph Monninger. It’s not a best seller nor will it ever be, I paid less than ten dollars for the paperback version, I’m entranced with it. I’m on the first 75 pages about a couple refurbishing an old barn into a home and their relationship. There's even a lab. I haven’t finished the book, but I’m decorating the barn with quilts already in my mind. It’s not heavy reading—I’ll keep you posted. But I wanted to mention it in case you’re ordering on line, treat yourself to a present for yourself this season…..

The coffee pot just beeped… Coffee is ready—then back to quilting….....


anne bebbington said...

Lucky you getting all that time to stitch - and getting DH to carry and help with all that Christmas shopping. Your books remind me of our family tradition - we have a box of Christmas story books, both Nativity and other Santa types which sits in the loft all year. On 1st December when the advent calendars make their appearance out come the books for the duration until twelfth night - even Sarah at 14 has a lovely time revisiting all those forgotten treasures - each year I try and pick up something to add to the collection - it's as much fun for us as the kids :o)

Clare said...

A quilter should never forget her purse. What would you have done if you had passed by the a fabric store *s*! We have tried to make a tradition of reading a Christmas store on Christmas Eve, but what with one thing and another never get round to it.

You still aren't showing up on Bloglines.

Tazzie said...

Ohhh, it sounds like just a wonderful book, do let us know if you love it. The childrens books look wonderful too, you're so good to put so much thought into your purchases. Happy Thanksgiving!

KCQuilter said...

I can't think of a better gift for little guys than a book! Great choice.

Laura said...

I love childrens books! My kids are teenagers on up but I still buy Childrens books. Your Sunday School kids are so lucky to have you with all the fun stuff you do for them!

Fiona said...

We have a 'Christmas Books' collection too! I think one of the joys of the modern age is the superb quality of picture books, specially at Christmas.

Carol said...

You have very lucky Sunday school children. Thank you for the Christmas children's books. I'll have to pick one up for our new grandson (hasn't come yet, but he'll be here for Christmas). You got me thinking and I'm going to start a tradition with him and get him a Christmas book each year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.