Monday, November 27, 2006

I’m getting an early start this morning. I have to be at work for 6:00 am. I’m rested at ready to go at it after to week off. Usually I’m in bed between 8 and 8:30 pm. When you get up at 4:30 am, you crave as much sleep as you can get. I was off long enough to get my sleep turned around to where I was staying up till 11:00 pm and living like normal people. I’ll be paying for it come tonight. But Chelsey is working until 9:30 pm and the Packer game is tonight too.

I got more sewing done over the week. Here are the journal covers I made. They were easy and lots of fun to make. I even made size adjustment depending on the size notebooks I had.

Chelsey loved them.

“Mom—where’s mine?”
“Well, you can have one. Just pick out which one you want.”
“Mom, those aren't Cute Colors.”
“Cute colors, huh? Well, go pick out 3 fat quarters and I’ll make you one.”
“Mom, you don’t have cute colors. Can I go to Wal-Mart and pick something out?”

I laughed and sent her on her way. For $4.96 including buttons, she came back with this. So on Sunday afternoon I made two more covers--one for her and one for her best friend. It gave me much needed practice on machine meandering and quilting. I think I’m still going to make a couple more. Realistically, from start to finish, it took about 5 hours to make two covers. I love buttons too.

1. A job to support necessities as well as the fun things in life.
2. Eric’s safe trip back to school
3. No complaints over leftovers


The Calico Cat said...

Nice... (No cute colors in your stash, huh? That must mean that you know what you like... I've got "everything" in my stash...)

Linda_J said...

Those turned out really cute, Melanie. It is obvious your daughter leans more to the clear, brights with the comment about "cute colors" where you are into the more country look and the grayed down versions. Good to know she appreciated your efforts enough to want one of her own.

Libby said...

Hey, I am accused of having nothing cute in my stash too *s*

Bonnie said...

Your journal covers are so cute. What a nice gift.

I love your gratitude about no complaints over leftovers.

Judy said...

You gave me such a great Idea!! Love the covers!! and I have my quilting Journal that is really ugly and has a black vinyl cover...I can cover it!!

These turned out so well. Don't tell you daughter but I like your cute color choices more than hers! Teens aren't into nice country muted colors! :o) Good that for such a low price, she found exactly what she wanted!

Now do you put the button on the flap and make the button functional, or is it decoration with a snap, or magnetic clasp? GREAT job!!

May Britt said...

Girls do know what they want. My DD and I have totally different tast when it comes to colours. She thinks my favorites is very boring.

Katjaquilt said...

I would prefer your colours instead of the bright colours your daughter prefers.
Where did you get the pattern from?

Cheryl said...

Great journal covers!!

Tazzie said...

Your journal covers are super cute, I'm going to hold off on showing Amy the picture, or you know what I'll be doing this afternoon!

Tracey said...

What a nice idea! These would be great gifts for teachers. I wish I were more ambitious!

ForestJane said...

The journal covers do look like they'd make good gifts. :)

Thanks for the idea! Any hints you wish you'd known before you started making them?

Nadine said...

Beautiful book covers , and useful too !
I like your story about your daughter...

Carol said...

I'm with one would find cute colors in my stash either. Your journal covers are great. The flap is the best idea ever...then things won't fall out. Great job!

KCQuilter said...

Wow, love your journal covers!! Did you design them? If not, could you share the name of the pattern? I have a different journal cover pattern but yours are much cuter. Love the flap!!!

Dawn said...

Oh these are adorable! I love them! Gee, want to make me one! I like your orginal cute colors, but I have to say Chelsea did pick out cute girly colors!