Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I may not “tuck” Chelsey in every night, but I do go in there, make sure she's covered up, give Ransom a couple of pats and make sure the “I love you’s” are the last words spoken for the night. Last Wednesday night, we were going through our routine and Chelsey said,” Can you straighten my covers, I’m cold.” I paid attention. I started straighten the comforters and noticed she had 3 small quilts laid out in alignment to cover her body over the sheet and comforter.

“Chels, you should have told me you needed another quilt” I go to closet.

But upon inspection, I realized that every quilt was the wrong size.

There was 3 queen-size hand quilted ones. I bundled her up for the night.

But I realized something. This wouldn’t work. I’m a quilter--- with a cold daughter. This wouldn’t do. I needed a quilt—quickly that could stand a minimum of 4 teenagers crashing on it at any given moment. It had to be able to withstand wrestling matches with a “Sorta” lab dog in addition to regular teenage abuse. I took out my Thimbleberries Twilight garden quilt. I took it to a friend who machine quilts. Miss Bunny said she could put a pantogram daisy pattern all over for me and stay within my budget. I felt funny about it. I had such plans for the quilt, but I knew my schedule wouldn’t allow it and it was 72 x 90--- that’s a lot of bulk to machine quilt myself, especially quickly.

I picked it up in two days and completed the binding.
I still sort of feel like it’s not my quilt but I feel good that Chelsey is sleeping, warmly, under something I made. If I had a partner in the piece, I couldn’t imagine anyone more fitting than Miss Bunny. She told me I was ridiculous and that it was positively my quilt. Every piece was put together with love by me. It turned out great.

P.S. Bloglines users-- since converting to the beta version of blogger, I noticed bloglines isn't regarding my updates. You may need to go into bloglines, unsubscribe to my post and re-subscribe again and that should fix it. I miss talking with you.


Ama said...

The quilt looks wonderful and it is completely your quilt that will tuck your daughter in everynight. I am 29 and still love to be tucked in!

Tazzie said...

Hey, I just got your blog update, you must be working again!

May Britt said...

Love reading this post. I am sure your DD will love her new quilt made by her mom.
I also have trouble getting bloglines to update. But I hope they fix it soon.

Hanne said...

You are updated again :-)
Can we see the full quilt please.
You made it with love and it will be used - that is good, right :-)

Fiona said...

Of course it's still your quilt, you made it with love, didn't you? I would also like to see the full quilt - looks great from what I can see of it already.

Hedgehog said...

Just repeating everyone else... You're updating in my bloglines. And it is your quilt! Nothing wrong with a little teamwork!

Nancy said...

It's a beautiful quilt and it IS all yours!

You do show up in my bloglines but like most of the beta people show up as having 25 new posts. LOL! Now if I could just get my sister to show up . Hers I've unsubbed to and resubbed and it's still not showing. :-(

anne bebbington said...

I agree with Fiona - if you can prise it away from your daughter do please treat us to a pic of it in all its glory :o)

Gail said...

What a wonderful story, and bless your friend bunny for helping you keep your daughter warm in her mom's love.

Dawn said...

Oh the quilt looks wonderful and I"m sure she will love it just as much. In fact I'm glad you just got it quilted so she can use it! I just got your blog update today, so it must be updating again in bloglines.

Carol said...

It's a wonderful quilt and your' had a little more love added from a friend.

Shelina said...

What a cute story about the lovely quilt, and definitely it is stitched with love and made by you. Getting help is a good thing.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

The true great plan for this quilt is that your DD has a quilt to snuggle under and keep her warm - and this quilt will always remind her that her Mom pays attention, and that you are there for her. What better plan can any quilt ever hope for!