Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving. Two years ago I put my Bunny clothes away and they have disappeared. I just did without last year. But Life has slowed down and I really enjoyed making them this year..

Eric is home and we’re all home for Thanksgiving—no working for anyone.

We always take a Christmas card family picture. We’re taking it today because Eric will go back to school until the 15th of December. No Snow, it’s suppose to be in the 50’s. Ransom and I aren’t complaining. Eric keeps saying he’s bummed. He said that he’ll Photoshop some snow in our picture. It’s ok with me to not have snow. People always assume we live in igloos and travel by dog sled. It’ll be good for them to see bare ground in November.

We all work on Thanksgiving dinner together. I had been married 2 years before I had ever baked a turkey so I want every one to know how around here. Cornbread dressing is a staple. The kids, since they were little, mash up the bread.

I’m glad we have a season to recognize, as we should everyday, the things we have to be thankful for…. Our freedoms, our homes, our health and our families….

…and our quilting.

Happy Thanksgiving.


jpquilter said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Glad your son is home - we are short one daughter for the first time this year but I can't complain since she brought her boyfriend here last year - guess we need to share
have a great day with your family - your bunnies are great

May Britt said...

Happy thanksgiving. We do not celebrate this in Norway. Your bunnies are so cute.

anne bebbington said...

No, nor us in England (unless of course you're a Yankee Expat) - I feel quite envious of you all actually - sounds wonderful - all the foodie fun of Christmas and family get-togethers without the stress of present buying - sounds good to me and despite lots of grumbles we have lots to be thankful of this side of the pond too. Love the Settlers costumes of your bunnies - what a nice idea dressing them up in different clothes for different holidays

Fiona said...

Those bunnies are fabulous - I take it the clothes are part of what you've been sewing the past few days? Happy Thanksgiving.

paula, the quilter said...

I think I still have that bunny pattern being the packrat that I am, LOL! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary said...

I was hoping for snow here in Minneapolis too but it's 50 here too. I guess by the time I get at Christmas time there will be some.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Love your bunnies and daughters quilt story. Keep up the good work.

TJ said...

Cute Bunnies...and I know Miss Bunnie at the Sew And Vac right?....Have a great week off work and enjoy your family time..Toni

Joanne said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you. Your bunnies are adorable. And, of course the Thimbleberries quilt is yours -- and the gift of it to your daughter makes it doubly so!
I've gone Beta too now -- but haven't made any changes yet and instead of Bloglines, I have a few of my favorites in my "favorites"!