Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Evidence…. You’ve seen it. I’m alive and sewing a little bit. These are the postcards I made 16 of my Sunday school kids. I mailed them yesterday. I tried to complete them last week, but it just didn’t happen. I almost put them away. But I stopped and said, ”No—they’re worth it (the cards and the kids).” It was some Wal-Mart fabric I had picked up a couple of years ago. I tea-dyed muslin for the back. The cards are an opportunity for Mom and Dads to read to their kids. You can never tell kids you love them enough times a day.

What’s been going on? The weather has been incredibly mild…. in the 50’s. Ransom and I have been doing lots of walking. Don’s been working some extra hours, but we’ve spent a lot of time together working on the house junk…cooking, and cleaning, laundry—this man irons and I hang up… is he a keeper or what?!?!. Chores aren’t quite as bad if you have someone to do them with.

I had no luck with finding the fabric matching for the buggy barn quilt. I’ve going to have to get creative with the OOPS in not having enough fabric for the border. Maybe I can work on it tonight. I’m in defiance mode now. We’ll get it worked out.

Here’s one last photo. Ransom came home a few nights ago after roaming in the woods. He had something all over his head. Truthfully, it looked like an elephant sneezed on him or something. There’s no way I was letting that dog in the house. So, Chelsey and a friend volunteered to clean him up. I took it as a photo op.

I have to get to work---quilt a couple of stitches for me.

1. Warm weather in November
2. Good grades for my Kids
3. Lots of Rest last night


Libby said...

You are the best teacher -- ever *s* I'm glad you didn't put the cards away.

Patti said...

Hooray! She lives! We've missed you!

Your postcards are wonderful - what a great effort you made for your kids.

Hope you can get back to sewing soon.

Laurie Ann said...

Ransom must have found something "yummy" to roll in. Glad he didn't get into any other trouble while out and about! :)

Laurie Ann said...

Ransom must have found something "yummy" to roll in. Glad he didn't get in any other trouble while on his journey. :)

Fiona said...

The cards were definitely worth it, and kids just love to receive post in the mail.

Pam's Creative Mind said...

I really want to try the postcards, just haven't done it yet. Yours is very cute and I bet those kids loved getting them in the mail.

Ama said...

The cards are great. I wish I had a Sunday school teacher like you growing up.

Ransom looks like he had a good time though!

Dawn said...

Oh your sunday school kids are going to love those post cards! And you probably don't want to know what was on Ransom's head - yuck! Glad you didn't have to clean it up!

ForestJane said...

An elephant sneezed on him? EWWWWwww what an image! LOL

The postcards are neat. :)

jpquilter said...

what a lovely idea to send those postcards to your students - you are making an imprint on their lives

Susan said...

The postcards are wonderful, and pumpkins go for November, too. I know the families will save them.

Cynthia said...

what a lovely idea making the postcards for the children. Glad you kept going and finished them. I'm sure the children will love them.

Joanne said...

Been wondering what you've been up to! Yep, I'd say hubby is a keeper -- ironing is one thing mine doesn't do!
Everything clings to JR -- we have to divest him of tons of leaves whenever he comes in!
The postcards are darling -- I bet the kids and their parents love them.

Finn said...

Very beautiful and loving cards, Melanie! Glad you finished them..*VBS*
Sorry to hear of the fabric crisis...something will turn up, I'm sure.

Did you get snow out of that Thursday night storm? I'm thinking not, as it seemed the worst of it tracked south of us.
Below Eau Claire, Osseo had 16.5"....way more than you want or need in November. Enjoy what you can, right? Hugs, Finn