Friday, November 17, 2006

I have succumbed to pressure and swap to the blogger beta version. Other than pains of continuously signing in, I’m doing OK. At least I haven’t lost any posts.

I’m off of work for nine days. I had a good week at work so I’m glad I’m off. Chores and errands for Saturday morning and I hope I get to quilt some. We’re Christmas shopping on Monday.

I want to complete the journal covers I have cut out. They’re lots of fun. I want to post pictures. I want to make some Christmas post cards. I thought of all kinds of ideas, mittens, stockings, ice-skates, stars---all will make cute cards. If I make a bunch, when I have reasons to remember someone, I just pull them out and send. I’ve even kicked around making a few gift tags with the same principle as the postcards. I want to stretch and baste my heart crazies quilt and so the binding on a thimbleberries quilt I have completed. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get half of my list complete.

Eric will be home Tuesday night… He’s got three or four people riding with him. I feel better with him not traveling alone.

I think the main thing I want to focus on is to enjoy the holiday without getting caught up in the hype. Sometimes I worry about the holiday being so “special” for everyone that I forget to enjoy it. I’m going to slow down this year.

1.Learning that if I give criticism, I have to be willing to take it.
2.Spaghetti for supper.
3.Taking time to appreciate the little things-
a.letting someone else have the right of way---I’m not in that big of a hurry
b.Crackers and Diet Coke
c.Puppy tails wagging.


Tazzie said...

Hey there hon, I thought I'd pop over on the off chance that you'd posted. I'm discovering that bloglines is not updating people that have changed over for me ... I'm not sure if it's something I need to work on, or if they do ... but it's good to see you, and I'm so pleased you're able to have some time off!

Fiona said...

It worked - as you can see it let me in! I'm so envious - 9 whole days just sewing and enjoying time with your family - what could be better?

Joanne said...

Enjoy your time off! And you are "sew" right, slow down and live it instead of standing by the side and working!

Linda_J said...

Going around the ring since bloglines is not behaving today. You are exactly right---relax and let the holidays happen as much as you can. Like anything else, you cannot be all things to all people anyway. The more harried you get, the more you are going to be taking out the joy of the situation and snap someone's head off---or at least I would, LOL.

Hanne said...

Now I can access your blog again - how nice :-)
Thanks for the comment on my XOXO quilt. Hot pink running low - no need to buy more - I will just switch to another colour for the care quilts :-)
I need to shrink the fabric collection !
Enjoy your days off.

KCQuilter said...

All of your planned projects sound delightful--can't wait to see pix!

Cheryl said...

I hope you completely enjoy the holiday season this year!! It can be so overwhelming to get everything ready....and to focus on others...May you have moments of just being able to sit back and soak it all in...enjoy, take mental snapshots, and realize that time with family and friends is like quilting...perfection is not required...and actually not preferred. Each quilt has it's own unique imperfections. Each family and get together is the same. Enjoy the uniqueness of it all.

Shelina said...

So glad you are excited about making so much. I really like the enthusiasm and look forward to seeing your progress. Haing postcards ready to go sounds like a great idea. Something I should be doing too.

Judy said...

I'm like Tazzie, Bloglines has your post about Primitive Gatherings and the fabric you bought, but when I clicked you blog I don't ge them and I get this new post from the 17th. This new one is NOT on bloglines either. SO maybe it will all work out in the end.

I love the bundles!! Shame that they couldn't help the customer in front of them and worry more about the ones coming to the market. Really shows a lack of customer service in the world these days!

Clare said...

Bloglines have obviously decided they don't like people who have converted to Beta - hardly anyone on is showing up on my Bloglines.

Happy holidays!