Thursday, March 12, 2009

Every Bunny Needs Love

After playing with Libby about her Bunny, it got me thinking about mine. So I decided to share. She was created in 1992. Remember I live in a small place that considers itself lucky to have a Wal-mart. This bunny was created before the Wal-mart days.
I had seen a pattern similar to it in a Shopko store and totally disregarded it as ugly. I went to visit my sister-in-law and she had just purchased a wreath with the same bunny for an ungodly amount of money. I loved it. Sometimes, pattern photos don’t things justice. I studied it and came home and made my own.

It’s made from Muslin stripping and a Styrofoam ball. The ears were created from muslin on the sewing machine. I don’t know what it is---but the bunny just charms me… I’m in need of some signs of spring so the bunny is coming out of the chest…

I’ve had Eric home for the week for Spring break. He has come down with a cold. Totally angry about the entire thing, he says it’s just not fair. I keep telling him he’s looking at it the wrong way and at least he’s sick at home and isn’t juggling classes and being sick at the same time. And I am getting an entire pharmacy course in over the counter medications from my pharmacy student son---totally educational. We had vicious Scrabble games last night and laughed until our stomachs ached. It’s good having him home.

I guess I’m chatty this week --- it’s my 3rd post. We're back to sub-zero weather early in the morning. But it warms up to the 20's by afternoon. Tomorrow's friday -- maybe that fabric will get cut into this weekend. Thursday night--- Chinese take out night....


Mary said...

Keep up the chatty; I love your blog! Have a good weekend.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting said...

awww love your bunny!
I am glad you are enjoying your son this week. Scrabble games can and do get very competitive at our house as well!! My husband and my brother are the KINGS at that game!
Thank you so much for leaving me a comment asking where I've been, it made me feel very nice =)
I will get back to posting soon,I have been experiencing computer problems, and my email is not working for some reason.
Take Care!!

Libby said...

That tattered little bunny looks well loved *s*
You know we are big game fans here. The Princess is having a friend come stay with us for spring break - we should dust off the Scrabble board.

Sue said...

I love the bunny! And times spent with those we love is so precious. I try to hang onto them for as long as I can! Enjoy your weekend.

I love reading your blog.

Debbie @ said...

Good morning! I love the bunny! So cute. I can't believe the butterfly quilt in the other post. We have one just like that in lighter greens. But my grandmother made it too. It looks just like yours. My mom has it at her house.
Have a lovely day!

Buttercup said...

Your blog is adorable. Thanks for sharing your bunny!

julieQ said...

Well, your bunny is so cute! Looks like new to me...enjoy!

McIrish Annie said...

This bunny brings back many memories for me. I made them by the dozens and sold them at craft fairs for several years when my DS was a toddler. I even had my DH in the act. He was the stuffer!

If you need the pattern for the bunny or the dresses, I have them tucked away and would be happy to send them to you.!