Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I’m about to head out to work for the morning…but I had a wonderful weekend. We’ve been enjoying the last of the summer temperatures. I have been nursing the garden and hoping I can make it another month without frost. I have been quilting up a storm. Here is August’s block in the House Sampler block of the month. I love the chimney…

The other project I’m working on is the Saltboxes in the Corner quilt.
The pattern was a gift from Colleen. We had planned on working on it together, but I’m completely unreliable and she’s an incredibly busy woman.
We have been changing the look of our den in the basement. My cute green jelly cupboard has now been painted black. I’m trying to “embrace” the entire “black” theme and I’ve wished over this quilt a long time. The middle is complete. Here is one of the corner houses.
I have completed a green house also. I only have a blue and gold one left to whip up. I tea dyed muslin yesterday for the appliqué portion. I’ve decided to use wool. I have blue and green. With a business trip ahead, I’m hoping to find enough red and gold to complete the flowers and hearts. This quilt will be draped over the door of the cupboard I think.

Chelsey is surviving college. She came down with a fever of 102 and tonsillitis on Wednesday. Pretty much a major meltdown, I talked her through getting to a doctor on her own and getting to Wal-mart for antibiotics. Guilty--- I called Wal-mart and warned them she was coming, and asked them to package up Ny-quil, cough drops and juice. I asked for a special dose of ---“Acting like you care”.

“Mom—just come and get me--- I can’t do this…”
“Chels, you can. One day you’ll be working in New York City and I won’t be there. I know you can do this.”
“No, I can’t…”
“Yes, you can….”

And she did……

I was strong on the outside, but on the inside I was crumbling....And it turned into a bonding thing with her new roomate and the kids on her dorm floor really rallied behind her taking her temp and checking on her. She's going to make it.


Anonymous said...

I love the quilt with the house, it's gorgeous. Hope Chelsey improves soon, poor girl, must feel awful.

Linda said...

You have had a busy weekend Mel, what a great feeling it is when we can see evidence of our work in the sewing room. Poor Chelsey, poor mum. I think many times it's so much harder on the parents when our kids spread their wings. Well done for hanging together and talking her through it.

Rose Marie said...

There is something about salthouses, that I love, and I'm drooling over yours. Now,that your daughter has dorm friends that she can count on, it will give you a little more peace of mind.

Joanne said...

I know just how you feel with Chelsey being sick -- I don't know how you managed to not run there and do the mom thing -- you came up with great ideas for doing the mom thing long distance!
Love the quilt you're working on, too.

Libby said...

Yippee . . . quilting and gardening time. Looks like you are putting it to great use.
And *yippee* for WalMart . . . isn't it nice that they were able to help *s*

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

I am glad Chelsea had friends to help. Hope she is on the mend :o)

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Oh my goodness. I love this. What a great quilt, I love those blocks. How fun to work on something like this! Wow!

Shasta said...

That would be so hard to have your child sick when she is away from you. I think you handled it very well - teaching her how to take care of herself and get help from the people around her.

Carol said...

What a wonderful weekend you had. Love the houses. Poor Chelsey and poor Mel...I know that must have been so hard not to get in the car and go get her...helping our kids grow up is not an easy job. You did great!

Stina said...

Oh ...Hope she is better already...!!!
And you have been busy... a lot of new blocks and I love the saltboxhouses...they are lovely...nice job!!

Karen said...

Just want to say I love your blog and I love your writing. I loved the story last spring about the salvation illustration you used in Sunday School.

So sorry about your daughter being sick and away at school. And sorry for you. I hope she is doing better. My youngest is second year at college and I can so relate!

chiffonnette said...

Hi !
I come from France to visit you !
i like your works !
see you soon !

anne bebbington said...

Hope she feels better real soon but it sounds like she's palled up with a good bunch of guardian angels - no doubt they'll all look out for each other. Love the saltboxes

Tracey said...

I know, it's hard when they leave home. I had my son get hurt playing football and he was 2,000 miles away. He could hold on till Christmas and came home and had surgery. It's hard though, when they're emotional. I hope she feels better soon.

Tracey said...

I know, it's hard when they leave home. I had my son get hurt playing football and he was 2,000 miles away. He could hold on till Christmas and came home and had surgery. It's hard though, when they're emotional. I hope she feels better soon.

rachel griffith said...

poor chelsey.
such a good momma you are...calling wal-mart.
i'm glad that she bonded with her dorm gals...just sorry she had to be sick to do it.

you've got alot of quilting done.
and it all looks great!!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Just beautiful work...love seeing what you do so well!
I hope your daughter is improving also.

Clare said...

Beautoful quilts in beautiful settings.

Poor Chelsey. The first time you get ill away from home is the worst time of all. She is very lucky to have you!

Anne Heidi said...

I love both the quilts, they are so pretty! Hope Chelsey is feeling better, you are such a great mom to call Wal Mart to make sure she gets everything she needs :-)

Back in the Day said...

Love the quilts! Thanks for the pictures!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

You know, I have two daughters who went through college and one left to go. The middle is still in school getting her PHD in History, the oldest is married and teaches History in High School, she has been married for two years and is now expecting our first grandbaby. Guess who she calls if she thinks something is wrong! No matter how old they are or where they go they will always need their MOM for love and comfort. You sould just like that Mom. Now for something fun stop by my blog abd enter my giveaway. I think you will like it. Jane

PS your quilts blow me away!

McIrish Annie said...

Good job Mom! The first time being sick on your own is tough. But they make it.

Love the quilts. I might have some felted red and gold wool if that is what you are looking for. Let me know and i'll stick some into the mail!

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Ok I'm back, I have to know where you got any of those patterns. I just love that big saltbox house. Oh my, and I have been thinking about it. YOu know how you mull something over and over in your head. I'm not saying I would do the whole quilt, but I want that house! You just take your time and when you have a spare moment...let me know. Thanks sweet one!
PS Can you imagine that quilt (done of course) above a shelf with little wooden saltboxes on it, little sheep or a rusted can with pipberries in it, fall candle, etc? Just think about it!!!

Saar said...

Sounds like you are suffering from this condition.
OVARIAN GUILT [noun] : the state of feeling guilt and/or a sense of personal responsibility over circumstances outside of one’s control; ovarian guilt is universally experienced by mothers, often when their immediate or extended family undergo hardship or emotional distress.
We just have to keep handing them over to our soverign God! The mother heart is very tender, so my prayer is for you............

Cornbread and Beans Quilting said...

Hello fello Michigander~!
I love your site, just the name invokes hearing the comforting "slam" of the wooden screen door as we all head out to your covered porch for tall glasses of lemonade and some "quiltie" talk.

Outstanding job of letting your baby girl (i know she's still your baby) grow up a little this week. It's so important, but oh so hard, to let them stand on their own two feet. She's going to become an amazing woman with an awesome Mom like you!
Will be stopping by often to see what you are up to.

Rosemary said...

You have won an award from me!
Visit my blog to receive it!

Thanks for the great blog!

Karen said...

House quilts are at the top of my list of "love its". Yours are making me drool. I have several planned that I haven't gotten to yet. Good inspiration!
Sorry your daughter got sick so soon after starting college. Bummer!

Patty said...

Oh I just love the quilt and boy do I understand how hard it is to have a sick one away at college.

Leanne said...

Your quilt blocks are lovely....and my heart went out to you it's hard to be strong when a chick is unwell and far away.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh my goodness, I really have to get to work. You have rekindled my quilting fever with your beautiful work. It's simply gorgeous! I'm going "black" too. Love its simplicity.

Poor Chelsey! What a good mom to encourage and guide her to independence. I just love how you called Walmart to have a care package put together for her. You're inspiring.

Though I am not online often these days, I sure do enjoy a visit with you when I am!


MARCIE said...

Your quilts are wonderful and I love the way you photograph them, as always! I hope Chelsey is better. It is so difficult having them far away when ill.

Susan said...

It looks like you are into housing projects right now! Both are just fun, and I love the chimney, too. I was so touched by the story of your daughter and calling Wal-Mart. LOL! What a mom you are. Then I read about the pink survival kit you left with her. It really touched me. Of course, she will make it, but you are going to be a large part of the reason she will.

Caron said...

The Salt Box House quilt is SO charming!!! The colors, the "folksy" nature of the design... Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!