Monday, December 30, 2013

Change of Quilt Plans...

While I would like to think Quilting was my "full-time" job. But I realize that I work 45-50 hours a week behind a desk in an office building. Though there's a quilt picture or two pinned on my partition and a fat quarter or two stacked on one desk corner ... I have to constantly focus with gratitude that the job supports my quilting quilting hobby.

That being said, I have been doing deep cleaning in my sewing room.  I worked like crazy to get 3 Christmas quilts made by the calendar date I knew 364 days ahead of time.  I worked diligently at cleaning because I wanted to start a new project for myself -- a reward for things gifted away.  I had even narrowed the project down to two quilts (narrowed down from about twenty!!!).

As I cleaned I started folding and re-folding fabric.  I thought about colors and that quilt I was about to begin.  And then my plans changed. I saw blocks that I had begun -- The deal I made with myself is they are made from my scrap box-exclusively.

After I get about 24 of these babies complete I want to purchase solid color fabrics for the sashing and borders--- just like my Grandmother used to make. A couple at a time-- they are real easy -- and I'll have a great piece.

Back to the new project.  I have this bucket list of Quilters that I want to make one of their patterns--- Some people have towns they want to visit. I have quilters and their patterns to make.  Lynda Hall is one of them. I had pinned this quilt a while back.

  She had even responded to the pin.  I told her that if I made one basket a month -- in 12 months I'd have the quilt done.  Her response---" I can't wait to see what you make! No pressure lol!!"  I saw that pattern Saturday and decided it was something was going to try this year. It was fabrics that are being pulled from the stash, so there's no added purchases....maybe a backing is the very distant future. It's one basket a month.  My own Block of the month plan.

Tonight I cut out triangles.  The thought of sewing them together makes me nervous.  Triangle are incredibly tough for me. The practice should do me good.

The best part of winter..... quilting.


Lori said...

That's a great quilt and a great plan! I did that last year (2013), but mine was 3 blocks a month up to 20 blocks and that gave me a chance to finish it before the end of the year.

Libby said...

You can do it. And I bet you will come to love triangles in the process.

Karen said...

Great plan and I'm with you - triangles and I aren't best of friends - but hey your going to get great practice making this quilt and your stepping out of your box - that's a good thing - hmmm maybe I'll try that to.
Happy New Year - Karen

Nancy E said...

The blocks you made are so pretty .... my kind of colors. I had forgotten that I have the Gathering Baskets pattern. It is one I want to make this year. Thanks for reminding me of the pattern.

anne bebbington said...

Lovely pattern and as you say take it a block at a time it's definitely achievable - love the flower up the side of the baskets too - all the best for 2014 Mel - enjoy your quilting, it's what keeps me sane at work too