Friday, August 13, 2010


OK--- it’s not as bad as it looks…. Or maybe it’s as awesome as it seems… I always say life is a perspective. Yesterday’s doctor’s appointment and Primitive Gatherings Experience were outstanding. Needless to say the Coke bottle money has vanished (along with egg money, lottery money, laundry money and any other kind of stash money I squeak out). But it was worth it. They only thing I paid full price for was the frame. I purchased it so that Don would have a pattern for other frames in the future….a very worthy investment.

The backing for Eric’s quilt was 20% off. I toyed with some REALLY cheap pieces, but I’m telling Eric it’s his heirloom and I didn’t think 10 bucks one way or the other was going to make a difference. This quilt really means a lot to me. Now, if I haven’t found a job in six months, I might regret my decision, but right now it stands.

The 3 strand floss balls are Valdani--- I purchased at fifty cents each. The fat quarters, I think were a buck. The quilt book is the only Lisa Bongean’s one I didn’t have and while I’ll probably never make the quilt it has some great appliqué patterns for all sorts of things---$5 bucks. I want to collect all of her books because she’s probably the closest thing to a quilt celebrity I’ll ever meet. The ruler was clearance at $4.50---Flying geese are one of my favorite quilt blocks and I’m taking steps to make them perfect. The pattern was a $4.00 fate purchase because I’ve ached over Libby’s quilt ever since she made it.

Now the warehouse sale was a little aggressive. There were some pretty passionate quilters. We got there fifteen minutes after the sale started. But the staff and the other customers were really friendly. There were no fist fights over wool, but there were plenty of “Excuse me”s in the aisle as quilters were staking their claims on the great values. As my friend and I contemplated our purchases--- at any point I could ask the opinion of the total stranger next to me and with confidence that quilter would assure me of my purchase and tell me why.

I’d love a “do over” just to people watch. Oh we had fun.

P.S. Clean bill of health, I’m out to ride my bicycle for the first time all summer…..


Kimberly said...

I haven't been here in a while but I do love your blog! Great buys... especially that little pattern peeking out with the pieced border and flower, it'e fab!
Just stopped in to say 'hi'... so, HI!

Darlene said...

I think you did very, very well. No regrets just enjoy!

CaraQuilts said...

So glad about the clean bill! Those are the best kind ;)

Everything looks awesome!

Sue said...

Sweet purchase. I'm so glad you were able to get down there for that and it's good you saved your coke money:)

Sure wish I could have made it over again, but am hoping to real soon.

Enjoy your quilting projects.

Karen said...

Bargains are fun! That red fabric looks mighty interesting. I just purchased some reds while on vacation.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Once again, I love your taste! I suspect we'll see great things from your pattern purchases.

Carol said...

You did great! Have tons of fun with it! Best news of all...clean bill of health! YIPPEE!