Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My Garden Blocks

Checking in. I’ve been playing in the garden. We had plenty of rainy days so the humidity is up. The Black Eyed Susan’s are blooming everywhere. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and beans are being picked every day. What is it about peeling cucumbers, getting out the salt shaker and eating a cucumber like a banana that just makes summer great???

A friend and I have been sewing together. Yep…… never got to do that when I worked 7-4 everyday.

 We’re working through the My Garden BOM designed by Heart to Hand. It’s wool applique on cotton fabric. She purchased a Valdani thread kit. I opted for using my DMC floss.
 On the small details it gives me more freedom to use thinner threads. It’s a lot of fun to have someone to compare with and bounce ideas with.
 Until now, I’ve pretty much been a quilt “Loner”.

I had a couple extra blocks left over from a quilt I made for Chelsey. A friend of mine is the mother of 3 really active boys.

 I went and visited her last week for lunch. Boys love their Mom---and she thrives on being a good Mom. She was just having a tough day, so I decided every girl needs some pink in her life… so I stitched up a journal for her. Bottom line cost---33 cents of ribbon.

I’ve had a couple of panic attacks over the job thing, but Don says don’t worry about it and I love being at home… it’s just different.


Fabric Scraps

Vegetable Soup

Corn off the Cob:)


Sue said...

Oooooh what a great post today! Love those garden blocks. Your garden looks great too! It is nice eating those cucumbers...with tomatoes:D

How thoughtful of you to stitch up a journal for your friend. It's lovely.

It is nice being able to stitch with someone. I myself am a quilting loner and so I am thankful for my blogging buddies:)

Enjoy your time off and happy stitiching

Deb said...

Your garden blocks look fabulous. It is so great to hear you sounding more relaxed and much happier. It is so true isn't it, we just have to accept what happens in life and enjoy each day for what it is. Your friend would have adored her journal, what a lovely thought.

Darlene said...

Love your blocks, Melanie! I wish I could work with wool. Sigh!

Jeanette said...

Sounds like fun! Love your black-eyed susans!!! Are you tea/coffee dying your blocks as you go? I have some blocks from a Wool Garden bom that I've been trying to decide what to do with. Maybe I'll try that.

Colleen said...

The blocks are looking great :o) Try to enjoy your time off the best you can. I also have been having a lot more time and have been using it to sew too. And cucumbers! I know what you mean if I can fight my way through the mosquitoes to get one!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I'm glad you've got a sewing buddy, a blog, internet quilt friends, and a good hubby and kids. Enjoy this season of your life that God has blessed you with.

Carol said...

Mel your blocks are wonderful...happy stitching time!

QuiltingFitzy said...

I too, am a quilt loner. Lately, I'm a "quilter wanna-be"; I'd better get on the stick.

Enjoy your time while you can, before you turn around another opportunity will be knockin'.

Linda said...

So glad you have someone to sit and stitch with. I too am a quilt loner, although these days I'm a non quilter now that I've started work. No need for panic or worry, "He has everything under His control and has you resting in the palm of His hand".