Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Summer Time

Here’s a weekend check-in. Summer is full of living outside.  Longer days means garden weeding and flower bed watering.  The pups get walks in the woods as the seasonal wood ticks seemed to have died down quite a bit.

On my recent trip to Louisiana, I managed to squeeze in time for two  quilt shops.  Both shops brought ‘Southern Hospitality’ up a couple of notches.  

Aunt Nell’s ran a color coded sale that weekly a color was called out and any fabric with even a dab of that color got 20% discount.  The color on special the week I was there was cream. I purchased a couple of yards of fabric because--- well, just because.  It reminded me of Louisiana I guess.

The blue fabric is a Jinnie Beyer print that I bought In Grand Cane Louisiana.  I went to this shop that is literally up the road from Don’s Mom.  I went alone, I guess I needed a ‘ time out’.  I laughed and told family I was the ‘out-law’ among a bunch of ‘in-laws’. It was just a little time to talk with someone who could relate to me about quilting.

On Pinterest, I had pinned Reese Witherspoon’s antique find:

All year I have researched two-color quilts.  I think this is what my blue fabric will be used for.  I just have to pick out the pattern. Ideas? Blue and crème, or aqua and crème, or pink and crème, or maybe tan and crème.  I’ve studied the colors for six months. 
I remember when my kids were little --- road trips required a major feat….packing the activity bag.  Their bags were filled with books, crayons, notebooks and Game-boys.  Heading out Summer trips—I still pack my own backpack filled with entertainment for the long rides --- Don doesn’t want me driving.

Here are Backpacks for a quilter to love.  Walmart and Kohl's had the fabric carryalls by Union Bay that I could not leave behind.   One for quilt projects and one for the tablet I type on. My bible readings and a Summer read are tucked in.  With the exception of a Diet Coke I’m all  set.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

back packs do come in handy and easier to carry sometimes over a tote

Gypsy Quilter said...

Ohh boy, I need at least one of those back packs. Great for carrying camera equipment. Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

I love the bear paw quilt! You know I do! It's one that I will be making in a two color. The bear paw quilt block was the first block I had ever made. Any of your color choices will work for it!
Love the back packs!!

Happy Fourth of July!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I just LOVE two-color quilts, particularly blue and neutral (blue is my favorite color). A two-color quilt is simple yet stunning. There are so many patterns that would be perfect done in a blue and neutral.

Your backpack sound like I could have packed them! ;-) I love those gorgeous fabric backpacks. Maybe I need one for schlepping my iPad, hexie project and of course a Diet Coke out to the beach when we're in Hilton Head! ;-)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

The backpacks are to die for! My cousin Audrey made me a backpack years ago, and I carry it when I'm at a flea market.

Two color quilt - how about a double nine-patch or a schoolhouse? I've done both, but I think the bear paw is a great idea.

I like the pattern you picked up, too. Would like to see that one done up sometime.