Monday, July 21, 2014

Reason for Doing it--- Number 642

 I do it faithfully every year.  I realize it is life-saving…but for some reason I always feel like I’m walking into a game of “Russian Roulette”.  Odds are--- you have been there. It's your mammogram. You know exactly what I’m talking about.  I hope after this email I can change your mind.

I had spent the week prior to the x-ray scheduling it and trying to do my “preregistration” to get through the process quick.  After literally six sessions of phone tag, I gave up on the preregistration and planned on being there at 7:00 ( the test was at 7:30 am).  Monday morning—even after all the gambit phone tags—I completely forgot about the appointment.  I’ve never done that.  Usually I don’t even sleep the night grandmother had breast cancer. My Mom stresses over hers and I always tell her, “ Mom relax.  It skips a generation, honest”  She always tearfully squeezes my hand.

Any way, I forgot the test.  Tuesday morning, when I realized what happened, I called the hospital and confessed and they set me up with a Thursday appointment – 8:30 am.  I set a phone alarm, and an Outlook alarm. Forgetting the appointment would not happen twice.

I raced to the hospital on Thursday; Visited with two nurses in the building, and after registration settled in my chair in the x-ray waiting room.  A woman sat across the 8 x 8 area along with a half a dozen other people.

 I first noticed her shoes:

I have almost the same pair.  We laughed and talked about the need for these ‘ kid-like tennis shoes’.  Then I go back to playing with my cell phone. I glance across the room and noticed she had a tote with tea cup fabric.  I laugh to myself  thinking, 

‘She looks like a quilter…’ 
'Melanie—you’re over the edge.  You are profiling quilters’...

Then she opens the bag, and starts to pull out needlework.  I think, ‘Nice… she does do embroidery…’ Then I look over and it’s the same Sunflower Gatherings BOM project I’m working on. 

 The world stops …I move over next to her and we start chatting away.  I met someone working on the same thing I was.

Then the nurse calls my name. The look of devastation must have been on my face, because the room full of people laughed. ‘ This will be the fastest mammogram in history ‘ I said.  I’ll be right back.

I won’t say painless, but it was quick and I went back and we exchanged names and email information and a promise to keep in touch.  We have written a couple of emails and she’s a Civil War style quilter and uses a treadle sewing machine for some of her piecing. 

She said it was Serendipityluck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for; a fortunate happenstance.

If I hadn’t missed the first appointment I’d never have met her.  She lives 20 miles away in a small town.  The odds of our paths crossing would have been very slim.

My fourth block is just about complete.  Summer travels have me behind.

Go get the mammogram…. 
For a ton of reasons...
especially because it could save your life.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I so know what you mean about mammograms! My mom had breast cancer twice, both of my father's sisters did - one died from it - my mom and my other aunt are almost 90 now and still ticking. But yet every year comes around, I schedule faithfully and then sweat it out for two to five days or whatever it is now for the news and then sigh with relieve that another year has been given to me--I know I might not get it, but yet I always think I will.

So nice that you met another quilter!!

Sue said...

Very cool story. I love how God orchestrates these things. It gives me hope of finding a quilter nearby me.

Love the shoes! I have literally five pairs of Converse and just bought another with flowers on them. I have been wearing them since I was in 7th grade and they never go out of style :)....because I'm rather ancient feeling these days.

Hope all went well with your mammogram.

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

I get mine every year at my age! As far as you meeting the other quilter...that was all arranged by God. He has a plan for us and knew it even before we are born. :-) ! There is a reason for you two meeting! Now that's my story and I' m sticking to it!!! Blessings and hugs, Karen

Barbara said...

A yearly mammo has been turned into a fun activity because friends and I go together every August and then out to lunch. As we are both Kaiser patients, we don't need an appointment, but another friend makes an appointment for the same day at her clinic and also joins us for lunch. This also keeps us from putting it off or forgetting.

Colleen said...

Wow it is so cool how some things are fate! Good story and glad you got your mammo. I did too in February :o)

Kim said...

I too keep up with my mammograms. So far so good, but I have yet to meet anyone as interesting as your new friend. Maybe this December! :-D

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I have a lot of breast cancer in my family so I'm diligent about making my appointments ... but I've never been blessed to have met a fellow quilter like you were.