Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall at my Home....

I sat on the porch Sunday afternoon and tried to take in the last few days of Fall. We have a chance of snow tomorrow night. It won’t stick, but it will be the preview of things ‘yet to come’.
(Yes, those are twinkle lights on the tree branch-- We're not "Hicks"---They are awesome on Fall nights...Everyone should have twinkle lights...)

I went to a funeral on Saturday. I also had a friend at work that lost her brother at 43 years old. So it was kind of a weekend to remember the blessings in my own life. I shared these mugs with Renee. My heart really goes out to her. I love anything by Bob Timberlake.

I have been wanting to share my pumpkin.

 I got it at the Farmer’s Market a few weeks back. I saw it and it was love at first sight. This farmer began telling me how to cook it and how good it tasted. All I kept thinking was, “Who Cares?!?!?!----This was a REALLY Super Cool Pumpkin.” It almost looked fake ----it was so perfect.

Acorns were scarce this Fall. There weren’t even enough for Sunday School Crafts. I found a few, but I think they were last year’s leftovers.

The deer started feasting on my hydrangeas so I cut them to save them for Christmas decorations for my tree.

Gratitudes Tonight:

Crunching leaves as I run the pups

Soup for Supper

Warm cup of coffee with Vanilla Creme


deb said...

wait...the last few days of fall???? we have not even seen a hint of fall was in the 90s still over the weekend, although the news says it may rain and its a little chilly outside right now....I want fall SO bad!!!!
that pumpkin is awesome!!!!

KC Quilter said...

I adore twinkle lights---any time of year! Great pumpkin.

simplestitches said...

love that Fall decorating must be gorgeous (we don't tend to do it in Australia, maybe we should start)

Carol said...

What a beautiful view from your porch! We have tons of acorns here...the squirrels are having lots of fun hiding them. That is the best pumpkin cooking of that one.

Lorraine said...

Doesn' seem any time since the snow was at your place...and it's on the way again. You are right...everyone should have twinkle lights! Love seeig all the decorating for Fall and Halloween on US blogs.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting said...

Snow??? Oh no, I'm not ready. I agree, that is one perfect pumpkin, who could cut that up and eat it? That's what the ugly ones are for. LOL

Sue said...

I LOVED your post of fall goodness. My favorite time of the year.
Yes, we have twinkle lights on our back deck year round. You just never know when you might want to go out on the back deck in the middle of winter and 'cut a rug' ;D

Your pumpkin is awesome. I don't know that I'd cook that one either. It's a real beauty.

We didn't have many acorns this year either. What's up with that? And our hickory nuts were a bit scarce too.

It FEELS like it's gonna snow here today . Oh well...bring it!

Angie said...

I adore your perfect little pumpkin! You're right, it does look 'faux'. :) Love the idea of the twinkle lights on a branch. I may have to borrow that idea for my porch. I bet that is a Fall table topper that I would like to have here at Ships Landing. :D The mugs are great!! Life is really fragile---and fleeting---sending hugs.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

We're supposed to get wet snow here tomorrow. It's been too cold to sit on the deck. I haven't even cleaned out my gardens yet!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

*******Crunching leaves as I run the pups

Soup for Supper

Warm cup of coffee with Vanilla Creme*******

What nice things to be thankful's the little things, isn't it?

Greenmare said...

Love your pumpkins, the one on your porch table is so pretty too. Fall is the best and I think us northern midwest people enjoy it most because it is so sweet and fleeting. It could stay fall for a lot longer in my opinion!

Lois Arnold said...

Love the Hydrangeas! Love the basket, too! They were my favorites when we lived in AL. I never grew any when we lived in the Midwest, unfortunately. Now in AZ I only have them for a while as potted plants.