Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day -- Twenty Ten

First and foremost--- Happy Memorial Day… someone asked what the holiday meant to me----My immediate response was thankfulness to those kids who lost fathers in wars so that my kids did not lose their father. Such a healthy price for the freedoms we so many times take for granted.

My absence from posting is marked with busyness. Never a risk taker when it comes to planting flowers, I always stuck with the old reliables---marigolds, petunias, impatients. This time last year I never thought I’d plant flowers again much less have the money to buy them. I guess I’m living proof life goes on. This year after much research I opted for new kinds of flowers in my shaded flower bed in the front of the house. The house faces north. Being trim with tons of birch trees also means very little direct sun throughout the day. Here’s what I planted
 and here’s the finished product.

I received blueberry bushes for mother’s day so I planted them in my garden. It takes roughly two years for them to produce fruit, so I’m holding onto the fact that the U.P. will be my home for a while. There won’t be tons of berries--- I just think it would be fun to grab a handful here or there for pancakes.

The garden is planted and I have an official pumpkin patch this year. The seeds have sprouted. Since I really don’t have the garden for food survival (my husband says, ‘Thank God’)—I gave the sunniest spot to the pumpkins because they are my favorites. Don asked why I didn’t give it to the tomato or cucumbers or beans—something we actually eat---I gave this very convincing story about rotating my crops (he raised one eyebrow, “crops, huh?”), I caved under pressure and told him the truth—that I just liked the pumpkins best…He just laughs. He set up really awesome sprinklers to help with the watering this summer. We’ve been under a severe drought warning. We got our first thunderstorm of the season last night.

Quilting---I’ve found a new love—quilting with wool…I’ll write about it tomorrow. Take Care. Enjoy the holiday with those you love.


Sue said...

Your gardens look lovely. So glad you have a good start with them.
I love pumpkins too and there has to be a couple of plants...just enough to put a few on the front porch in the fall :D

We are kind of having a dry spell down here in southern Michigan too, though it's raining somewhat right now.

I love quilting with wool too! So easy. It looks good mixed with the cottons.

BTW...didn't get to Primitive Gatherings yet. May be another week or two :/

Anyway, happy Memorial Day!

Colleen said...

Looking great Mel! And you already know I am hooked on wool ;o)

Gypsy Quilter said...

Your shade flowers will be glorious. Such a lovely display.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

So glad to see you post. The flowers are beautiful! Good faith step to plant the blueberry bushes; I hope you will be staying in your home to enjoy them. Of course, I wish you could move to Northwestern PA, too!

Oh dear - I haven't gotten into wool yet. I'm afraid I'll be even more tempted once I see what you are up to!

Stina said...

Hello girl.. nice to see a post by you .. and your garden looks fantastic.... would love my garden to look like that.. but it is still a tennis lawn...LOL...
Hope you are well and ... ahhmmm.. you high chairs... :o)

Carol said...

Your gardens look wonderful! Pretty, pretty flowers...I'll be over for some blueberry pancakes...OK?

Muddling Through said...

Coleus are some of my favorites, and there are so many varieties. I've tried growing pumpkins, but just don't have the space. Everything at your place looks great!

Greenmare said...

oh I hope your flowers grow like crazy for you! I love the rotating the crops theory! good one! we will be up your way later this month and again for an entire week in July! maybe we can get together somewhere then? like a quilt shop?