Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Even a Florist needs Flowers….

That’s what the writing said on the back of the postcards I made for my Mom and a friend. My friend is on the homestretch for a stuff chemo battle. And I think she’s winning. She has the most beautiful green house and floral shop… I mailed them yesterday. What to you give a florist? They have all the flowers they need… the postcard seem right. They measure 6 x 8 inches and it only took a 44 cent stamp for each.

The pattern for the tulip came from A legacy of stitches. Cute design.

I’ve finally finished painting for Chelsey’s apartment. The second set of mismatched chairs I painted ‘ballet slipper pink. I thought of Stina every time I opened the can. She loves pink. At first when we saw the two chairs at the Habitat Restore, Chelsey didn’t like them. I told her she had to have a vision. I brought them home and primed and painted them. Now they are her favorites---One of the days she going to have to trust me on things…..

Here’s a photo of her little dining room. You can see the pinwheel quilt in the background. It was going to be my summer quilt, but she needed it more. I sent a cup hook with the quilt. I sewed a three-inch strap on the back and told her if she didn’t have it on the table she could drape it on the wall. It looks sweet up there.

I kind of makes me feel good that my kid is hanging quilts on the wall…. Just like her Mom.


Don coming home tonight

Opened Windows and Doors – Spring is here

Ransom at my feet—who needs socks to keep your feet warm?!?


Gypsy Quilter said...

The chairs are lovely. I have 4 that need doing if you'd like to come paint! Chelsea is a lucky gal.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Oh, I love this post! So sorry to hear your mom has been through the chemo route; I will be praying for her.

The chairs are beautiful. What a darling set with the table and the quilt. You are a wonderful mom, and I'm sure Chelsea would agree with me. Hugs to you, friend.

Muddling Through said...

What pretty postcards, and isn't paint a wonderful thing! I am always so excited when I can take something that someone else considered trash and turn it into a useful and valued part of our lives. And yes, it does do your heart good to see your children following you in the good things!

Sue said...

Just exactly what you gave the florist is what you give them. Lots of thoughtfulness and love. That was so nice of you:)

Your daughter should love her chairs. They turned out so nice.


Loris said...

The postcards are lovely and inspiring. They will be loved.
Your daughters dining room is charming!

Libby said...

Open windows are just a special kind of joy!
Right now a little rain cloud is passing over, so not only do I hear wind rustling the leaves - but the smell of a little rain shower is wafting in. *delicious*

Fiona said...

What a sweet little dining room for Chelsea - just goes to show 'Mum always knows best'.

Karen said...

The pink for the chairs is so girly and cute. And I think Stina would be in love with them for sure.

Carol said...

Chelsea's chairs are wonderful...what a darling dining room...love the quilt hanging.

Colleen said...

I think Stina would definitely approve! The pinwheel quilt looks lovely with her room. You are a great Mom!

Linda said...

Love Chelsey's chairs, especially because they are pink and the quilt looks terrific on the wall.

Cheryl said...

The table and chairs are so cute! Your idea to hang the quilt when its not in use is brilliant...glad you have vision. ;-)