Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catch Up....

Tucking away the fall decorations is complete.  I always laugh.  The table starts out with the quilt and candles.  It seems like everytime I take the pups for a run I bring leaves back.  Those aren't plastic. They're the real deal.  By Thanksgiving you just about have to rake the table it's so full of leaves...but they are beautiful.

I've been out of pocket-- But I completed the last of my four classes in Madison.  I am now certified in Supply Management and Procurement. Yeah, OK.. So what. But It's done and in my book, I had a blast touring quilt shops along the way. I met some great people--- I feel smarter just sitting at the table with some of them. And while I'm not a joiner or outgoing in any sense of the word--- I traveled and walked into those classrooms and didn't crumble...huge for me.

The pumpkin quilts are folded away until next year. I try not to wish time away, but I already look forward to harvest season next year.

1. My quilt cabinet
2. My glass of Iced Tea-- always in season, I'm from Louisiana.
3.  Email photos from my kids.


Darlene said...

Woohoo - classes are complete!!! Congratulations!

Anxious to see your Christmas quilts. :-)

Lori said...

Yea for you! Autumn is my favorite season too, to experience and to decorate for. :)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I still have a couple of pumpkins in my dining room - fake, of course. The tree is up and the lights are on. I'm behind on my Christmas projects and my block of the month. The list goes on and on! But I have vacation starting at 4:30 on Decmeber 16. There will be time to wrap up this prep time and get an email off to you.

Angie said...

You go, girl!!! You have to be made of 'hardy' stuff---you're from LA and you LIVE in UP Michigan LOL Congratulations, Melanie!! (And I love your habit of bringing the Fall leaves in to your table. :D)

Libby said...

I love fall - it is my favorite part of the year. And I now know that I just love fall. I don't need turning leaves and apple cider at the corner market. It's really just a state of mind *s*

Sue said...

Hey Melanie. Don't know how I missed this post.

Congratulations on your certification! I think it's a huge thing and I know you must be glad to have it behind you. Good that you enjoyed yourself through the process. God is so good.

I do this with leaves too. When you open a book in my house, that's where you'll find leaves I've picked up to dry . LOL