Monday, February 23, 2009

“What doesn’t break you…. only makes you stronger…” It’s written on the gift tag for the bag I’m mailing Chelsey today. It was a request from my daughter. She had seen a gift bag I had made earlier and she wanted it twice the size and bought ruffle fabric and a button for me to create it.
I’ve been trying to get it made since New Year’s Day. Well, yesterday afternoon I made it and she’ll have it for your trip to visit an Aunt for Spring break. It’s not a great picture (taken in a hurry) but you get the idea.

Thank you for your notes and prayers. Some burdens are too heavy to handle alone and I appreciate every one of them. Our family is definitely going through “Character defining moments”. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Friday night we went to a dinner theatre to raise money for the Women’s Shelter in town. The play was a good Cause and a fun evening for everyone. Saturday night we had supper with Friends. Quiet and Comfortable are the two best words to describe it. One of those nights you have so much fun you want a “do over”. She’s a new Quilter so it was fun chatting with her. I made a lunch bag in about fifteen minutes and brought muffins for dessert. I brought a copy of the free pattern also. It’s fun to share.

Saturday for lunch we made a pot of Italian Potato Soup. I’m an incredibly picky eater. I think it goes back to the way I grew up. Food was expensive, so eating out and at home—you never wasted it, so I was never very adventuresome. Don and I made this together and it was delicious, I’m totally addicted to it. I’m even bringing to work for lunch today.

This is not an original idea,
but saw it and fell in love with it. I want to get better with the camera and search for items to practice on. So I set up my latest animal feeder off the porch. I don’t care if I get pictures of birds, squirrels, or chipmunks.
I just love the idea of them perching on a graniteware soup ladle. Now to only catch them in the act….

Time to head off to work. Our days are getting longer; it’s almost daylight on clear mornings now. We are officially on the downhill size of winter.

Homemade Soup
Crisp clear mornings
I guess times in our lives to see what we’re really made of


Libby said...

*mmmm* That soup sounds delicious.

I've got Kanye West stuck in my head now *s*

Pat said...

It is really cold and windy here in NY today so that soup does sound good.  Love Chelsey's bag.  Hang in there, this too shall pass.

Stina said...

Will definetly take a look at the soup recipe... I need to stay warm here too..:o)
Hope your daughter will love the bag..:o)
And I have you in my thoughts very much...and I hope whatever problems you are dealing with...hope they soon will be easier to deal with!
Take care...

UPON A HILL said...

You did a great job on the bag! You are going through something not staying there. Thanks for the pic with the ladle on the tree. I have been waiting for it & it is a really great idea. Thanks for the inspiration! Just a thought, the more you pour out, the more you will be poured into.

Kathie said...

love that bag, your daughter is a lucky girl to be getting it!
Oh love the ladle idea on a tree trunk for color in our yard during the winter...
glad to see your sewing....
Yes you are still in my thoughts, hope it all works out for you soon.
we had snow flurries today...but I am ready for spring now...and I love the winter.

The Quilt Buddy said...

I love the bag! My bedroom is black/cream toile, so it would look good at my house.

Thanks for sharing. It always helps to know that there are other people out there!

Thanks for the soup recipe. I love soup and could eat it everyday.

Mary said...
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Dawnie said...

what a great blog! I love that spoon feeder idea..I'm very much into feeding Gods creatures so I'll have to remember that.

Quilting is a love of mine-although i never completed learning how to bind them and put the back on. Once I dont have to work full time I intend on learning this and making a quilt for each of my 5 children.

Caron said...

Love the bag and the bird feeder spoon is a GREAT idea!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for your visit! I love your "fill your basket" block. It's beautiful!
Blessings, Kimberly

ROZ said...

Lovely bag, I can imagine it stuffed with stuff--

Lisa said...

Pretty bag!!

andsewitis Holly said...

Hmmmm... that granite soup ladle would make a great hiding idea for a geocache somewhere in the woods. Thanks for the idea!