Monday, May 05, 2008

I’ve been tagged several times and finally got around to putting my thoughts on paper. So here goes:

Five things found in your Purse/Bag:

1. Checkbook with quilted checks. – No-Brainer…
2. Deck of Cards - If I’m ever deserted overnight anywhere, I have to be entertained.
3. Change in the bottom – Always a gold mine there because I never put in back in the wallet… I just ‘chunk’ it at the checkout counter.
4. A wallet with a photo of Terry Redlin’s ‘Comforts of Home’ tucked inside…My definition of Paradise.
5. A Jar of Bubbles – You know the little kid kind that has the stick attached to the top. I guess it is left over from a Sunday school class, but I’m sentimentally attached to them and they are great therapy--- Everyone needs bubbles.

Five favorite things in your Room:

1. A Treadle Sewing Machine
2. Eric and Chelsey’s first Trick or Treat Photo Together—Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.
3. A framed Copy of my Wedding Invitation – 24 years old this year.
4. A grapevine wreath over my bed
5. Bronzed Baby shoes of both my kids’ first pairs of Nike Baby Shoes. My Mother has the same of my Brother and I

Five Things you’ve always wanted to do:

1. Own Property that I could stand in the middle of and own as far as I could see.
2. Take a photography class.
3. Write a weekly/monthly column in a magazine.
4. Have a sewing room with windows and yellow paint
5. Be a Grandma

Five Things you are currently into:
1. Quilting – Embroidery on Quilting
2. Table linens
3. Rubber Stamps that speak to me
4. Old Keys
5. Lanterns – I have three…

I’m not tagging anyone but it’s kind of neat putting your thoughts down on paper and looking back later to remember--- Do you still have “that stuff”? How many of the “always wanted to’s” did you do? And what are you into now? You should play along. Thanks Caron for the idea….


Libby said...

I love, love, love bubbles. So simple but so fun. If I carried a bottle in my bag it would surely open and spill - but usually there is a bottle on hand on the kitchen counter . . . ready for when the child in me wants to play *s*

Pam said...

From as far back as I can remember I have always wanted to be a Gramma...That was always my answer when someone would ask "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

I have six grands ~~ ages 15 yrs down to 4 months ~~ they are so much fun!!


Shelina said...

I absolutely love your 5 things I wanted to do. They are all things I've always wanted to do. Although I am willing to wait on the grandma part for now.

Idaho Quilter said...

With the 5 things you want to do I think most of those are achievable. the one you don't ahve any control over is being a Grammy but it will happen, and it is thrilling.

ForestJane said...

I'm more interested in seeing what things we have similar... I too have a grapevine wreath over my bed (home made though, from muskedine vine) and I have quilted checks... :)

Wendy K said...

Love the bubbles in your bag!...I'd end up with a wet soggy!