Monday, May 07, 2007

I’ve been kind of going through the motions the past few days. I can honestly say, last Friday was my toughest day of work ever. I was called into a meeting and four hours later I had to lay off a guy that works for me. It wasn’t a performance issue, an attitude problem, and in my department we had the best year ever. It was strictly a number crunching issue and I didn’t get a vote. It was really tough for me. But, in the grand scheme of things it was worse for the guy that got pink slipped. And who am I to feel sorry for myself.

Saturday I purchased my seeds for the summer.
It’s still a couple of weeks before I dare plant, but they’re something to wish over in the mean time.

Eric is home and we’re all kind of adjusting but so for it’s pretty great. He started his summer job for a well drilling company. I laughed when he told me he was going to make one of those paper chains like little kids make counting down the days till Christmas. He said his was for counting down till he gets to go back to school—the summer job is work!!!! Positive reinforcement--- I don’t have to worry about him dropping out….

People checking on me at work—I guess I’m not as tough as I think I am.
My new quilt project that starts tonight
My family’s patience with me this weekend.


Sweet P said...

It's always tough to let someone go when it's a number issue and performance related. We had to let several people go after 9/11 and I was glad that I wasn't one to tell them.

I hope your son enjoys working this summer. I'll send him some paper to make the chain.

Jeanne said...

{{Hugs}} for the challenges at work.
The seed packets look so happy and hopeful!

Jeanne :)

Leigh said...

You should do something nice for yourself, Hope you feel better soon.

Libby said...

I have to agree with Sweet P - would have been much easier on you if the guy had been trouble. I'm sure no one holds it against you . . . you're just the messenger. Glad to see you have your seeds. I really need to put mine in too - I've been a lazy girl.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Sometimes it is a lonely place - being over other people, but it is nice to hear that others at work are thinking of you. Not an easy thing to do when it is a "numbers" thing, so sorry you were the messenger in this case.

Just wondering if gourds are ever eaten? I've only seen them made into crafty items! Mini pumpkins - on my list of things to try growing this summer - I think my Little Boy will get a kick out of them!



Juliann in WA said...

Been thinking about you. Tough call you had to make at work but it sounds like your heart is in the right place. Be kind to yourself.

Wendy said...

Layoffs are never easy for anyone. I saw managers get very stressed and couldn't even sleep when layoffs were happening. Not fun all around.
Enjoy your seed planting.

Fiona said...

Not a nice thing to have to do - and I'll bet it has preyed on your mind all weekend. The seeds look beautiful - it has been raining here at last so I might get mine in.

anne bebbington said...

My husband has had to di this many times over the years and he'd be the first to tell you he still feels sick to the stomach every time - having said that we know exactly how they feel as he was made redundant three times in three years when the kids were small once which necessitated repatriating from France only 6 months after moving there - I do feel for you, glad that some people at work were supportive - the seeds look exciting

The Calico Cat said...

Too bad about the guy at work... I am not so sure I could do that...

On a less sad note:
Can you explain this concept?
"I laughed when he told me he was going to make one of those paper chains like little kids make counting down the days till Christmas."
I have seen the paper chains, but never knew about a counting down scheme. I thought they were purely decorative.

Shelina said...

It would be tough to let someone go, especially when it is a surprise like that.
Glad that you and your son are adjusting to his return.
Those seed packets look great - I have some too, that were free because they were last year's stock. I need to clear out the yard to put them in though.
You have piqued my interest with the new quilt you are starting. Do tell!

McIrish Annie said...

Having Eric home for the summer will take some adjustment. My son had a hard time after having so much independence and coming back to the nest. This summer he found a job on campus and will be staying in his apartment in VT. We have to pay rent anyway. Surprisingly, (with him finishing his junior year) both Bob and I were ok with that. I guess we are getting used to the idea that our "baby" isn't a baby anymore!

Love the paper chain idea! a day's work never hurt any one! It will make him appreciate that college degree even more.