Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chain Piecing

Quilt blocks are growing, and there's 2 inches of snow on the ground.  I've been pressing the seams open as it makes machine quilting easier for me. Definitely a patchwork piece, I'm pleased with how it is coming along.

A Couple of quilt shops were closed on Friday when I went to Green Bay. Quilters' Connection was open with 20% off storewide and 5.00 a yard Kansas Trouble and Thimbleberries fabric. I got black perle cotton thread, a backing  for two pieces.  The red and navy piece just spoke to me.  If you are a quilter you know exactly what I'm talking about....

Back to work tomorrow. I loved the four day weekend. 


Shakerwood said...

Can't imagine snow on the ground already. Heck, last year we didn't get a single snowflake and we usually do! But it sounds like the perfect quilting weather. Glad you had a fun 4 days off!

Colleen said...

Ohhh, I still love Quilter's Connection. I need to make a trip there one of these days. Love your fabrics! They are chatting to me too, lol.

Bonnie K said...

I love how when you chain piece the blocks look like little flags. Nice fabric.

Kathie said...

I know when fabric speaks to you
I get it :)
now I can't wait to see what you decide to use that pretty fabric for.
4 days off is what everyone needs more often!

Muddling Through said...

Melanie, I see by your weather widget that it is a balmy 23 degrees there right now - wow! We're sixty above that right now. I like your fabric choices. Fabric therapy is always a good thing!