Monday, May 14, 2012

Sewing Therapy

My Edyta Sitar Quilt blocks are bordered in 128 hourglass blocks. Precision in quilting is a real weakness of mine.  I get the concepts, but crisp pressing to preserve the bias and matching points without stretching the fabric are pretty tough.  So I was looking for an easier way to make hourglass blocks.  No pressure, no timetable, no stress..... Sunday evening I pulled a couple of pieces from the scrap box and looked on Pinterest for a better way.  After a couple attempts, I have found the way I want to make them.  I want to test it out a few more times and I'll share it.  May take a while--- but remember, right now--- I'm in no hurry......(Gosh, I love typing that....)

I wrote earlier that my Sister in law and Mother in law both came for a visit a week ago. They have been sending me photos for a couple of weeks.  Their hometown now has a quilt shop---Good for them--even better for me.  When family comes to visit they always bring surprises.  Here's what they brought me.  Bonnie Blue quilt fabric, a quilt book and jelly roll.

I spent a couple of evenings cleaning my sewing room before they got here--- when I probably should have been working on grad gifts---.  I cleaned it becuase I wanted to explain quilting my style.  What they best parts of quilting are to me....because now--- I just may have a pair of personal shoppers!!!! How I wished they quilted.....

On the gardening front--It was 81 degrees today-- I thinned out my hostas and pulled weeds from my flower beds.  Still too early to plant, but I did take soil samples to the feed store.  What I really know about gardening you could put in a thimble, so I decided I need some professional help.  Too busy as a kid planning a "briefcase" future....Sometimes I really wish I was closer to my folks.


Audrey said...

Lovely gifts from your family! How nice to have in-laws that 'understand'!! And the weather sounds great - I am not good at gardening either. I just let my husband plant shrubs and I hang some flower baskets!

Sue said...

Wow. Melanie. I love the fabrics for your Edyta Sitar quilt! Just lovely. I'm glad you are in a situation to have no pressure in quilting. I long for that one right now.

Love the Bonnie Blue fabrics. Aren't those just wonderful?! I have that great book! I have all of Kathy's books actually and am taking part in her one small quilt a month program. I'm behind of course! But it's a great book.

81 degrees! We are not even there yet. I think today will be close. I hope you have a really wonderful week!

Lisa C in GA. said...

Oh my gosh, I love this whole post! Will look forward to your hourglass post. It's funny, but I don't know any primitive quilters beside you, from this blog, and I think of you each time I find myself in a quilt shop that leans more toward primitive than towards my preferred moderns. For instance I was in a shop during our shop hop and I said to my daughter, "I know a friend who would love this place" - and then laughed and admitted, "actually, I don't know her at all...but I've followed her blog for years". LOL. Anyway, was happy to see you have a new avenue for your fabric 'fix', and a little jealous of the Luscious jelly roll!!

Muddling Through said...

What very good personal shoppers you have in training! Great gifts. And just sewing for the pure pleasure of it is a gift, too. Have fun!