Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Quilts - A Break from Winter

OK - It may not look like it -- but this is going to be a Spring wall hanging  for my kitchen. I got off of work-- ran home-- grabbed my snowboots and camera for this photo. we didn't get a flake of snow over the weekend.  Despite the bulletins and warnings-- not a flake.  North, South, East and West of us got dumped on...

I stitched on the borders tonight.  We'll update tomorrow. 

I'm a list maker.  Everything but a little handstitching has been checked off today.

Email from A Quilting friend. She wasn't lost-- just had a broken PC.
A new Muffin Pan
Gumbo for Supper


Rhonda said...

beautiful fabrics! and we have your snow; it's been snowing all day; I was actually thinking of breaking out the sandals tomorrow. I want spring!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

We got your snow! But my snowmobile gang is happy and is planning a weekend getaway. More quilt time for me in an empty house!!

I love the idea of the new quilt project. And this wallhanging of yours is a good one as well.

All is right in the world once again, friend! It's great to be back :D

Libby said...

I'm likin' what I see . . . . can't wait for what's next *s*

Karen said...

You are going to get spring there one way or another!

Sue said...

I love it, Melanie! So glad too, that you heard from Mary! Yay!

I'm a list maker as well, and you can't believe all the things I've checked off my list already :D
Gotta prepare for the big project! lol

McIrish Annie said...

I'm as ready for spring as you are! Nice to see you have been busy and good to hear from you again!

Greenmare said...

Hi Melanie!!
lovely top there, and your applejacks is wonderful!!!!
I wish we would get a break from winter here, I'm gretting tired of snow!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I LOVE the quilt. The colors are beautiful. It was 75 here today....the calendar says Winter, but the weather says Spring!