Thursday, January 13, 2011

Early Birthday Gifts

How do you know you are a quilter? You find sign of fabric in everyday life. I received an early birthday day gift yesterday. My mother-in-law hooked me up. It was an after Christmas sale that I just couldn’t really justify purchasing just because….

I wanted the boxes as much as the fabric. Plaid --- no labels, no logos. Inside the boxes were these mugs. Lang Christmas mugs and I now own a set of 8.

I told my husband that starting next November – He’ll drink out of nothing else. I’m completed charmed with these mugs. Flash forward about ten years… I’ll be the most awesome Gramma with these great mugs…. I remember special cups, special plates, and special bowls that I ate out of every time I went to my Grandparents as a kid. Good Memories.

The posts haven’t been as frequent as I like---work is about work. I have had quilting time. Pictures will soon come—promise. Don's helped out a lot around the house, so I have time for the fun stuff.

Last weekend my sewing room went under construction. I have a cubby hole corner for my sewing area in our basement. It was carpeted and really nice – I’m not complaining, there’s many out there that don’t have a place to keep their sewing machine up all the time. Then there’s a small room with a door next to it with a kitchen counter top and my ironing board. There’s a table it in too. We call it the scrap book room because Chelsey has her bulletin board stuff and all her scrapbook stuff in it. I sew a seam in one room and cut out and iron it the other—in and out in and out. You get the idea. Well, this weekend Don cut a hole in the wall and opened it up and framed it in oak and added some electrical outlets and now I have—are you ready—my own studio…. Chelsey’s craft stuff is still all over the walls, but it would break her heart --- and mine---to take it down. I figure when she graduates from college would be a good time. But I feel pretty special. I’ve been re-organizing fabric. I found Ziploc bags of orphan blocks that I’m reworking into a sewing machine cover. I feel just like a kid. Pictures will be taken this weekend.

Mother-in-laws that understand wants/needs
Cinnamon rolls
Quilt friends that email
An organized quilt cabinet


Cornbread and Beans Quilting said...

YEaaa Melanie! I'm so excited for you to have your very own sewing room/studio/space! I bet you will want to sew more just to be in your space =)
The new mugs are awesome I hope you broke them in with a cup of joe before you pack them away for the year.

Colleen said...

I can't wait to see the pictures :o) And love the mugs.. howo cute!

Kathie said...

Yeah I can't wait to see matter where you sew you always have great projects to share with us.
Happy that you are enjoying where you work now and you have plenty of time for your quilting!
life is good

Carol said...

How very exciting! ENJOY!

Cheryl said...

How exciting about your quilt room. In the future grand-kids will love the mugs. I have special cups for mine, they love it. Quilters do see quilts everywhere....a friend called and said that she had been at a ladies house and when she saw the pattern in her bathroom floor, some of here material came to mind and she used the floor pattern for a quilt design....we had a good just never know what will inspire you!

Sue said...

It is so nice to have your own sewing space with enough room in it:) How nice of your husband to do that for you.

I love those mugs! Just beautiful!!

Enjoy your weekend and we'll look forward to your new pictures:)

Muddling Through said...

Awesome! I'm so happy for you. It just makes life easier when it's all in one convenient place. Can't wait to see the pictures, and YAY for finding hidden treasures.

deb said...

great way to start off the new year, with your own space!!!!!!
cant wait to see pics!!!

McIrish Annie said...

Having your own space is such a luxury! you are a lucky girl. You are yet another quilter that I share a January birthday with! Happy Birthday whenever it is! with the new zodiac signs are you an Aquarius or a Capricorn! My sign moved to Capricorn but I'm not budging. I'll always be an Aquarius! LOL

Gloria J W said...

Melanie...I love those boxes as well. I have an obsession with boxes...I even cover ugly ones to keep!! Just loved the idea of you having a studio. I'm in the throes of cleaning and rearranging my house, and at the end I too should have a respectable area to sew in!!! Yeah!! I only have to get all the cleaning done.
Rainbow smiles. :}

Greenmare said...

oh so lovely!! yeah for you!!!! I share my sewing room with my little Miss V, our sewing tables are set up next to each other in the middle of the room, so we can talk while we sew.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I love your new mugs - nice big handles! I rescued a Christmas box that was destined for the trash this year too - it is perfect for my needs! So, I understand about the boxes. How fun for you to be moving all into 1 spot for sewing! That will be nice for you. Cheers! Evelyn