Saturday, January 01, 2011

Choices -- A New Year 2011

It’s A New Year- 2011. No great resolutions. Maybe just making more of time. Everyone is granted the same twenty four hours. Though we wish it were more, we’re blessed to have that. Someone asked me to choose one word to symbolize this year. There were a lot of words out there. After a lot of thought --- I chose the word “Choices”. I make choices every day. I just want to make the right ones. I’ve heard it over and over again….Integrity is what you do when no one is looking. Again I want to make the right choices. Someone once told me, “It’s OK to waste a day if you CHOOSE to waste it. Just be aware you made that choice to do so…” Again I want to make the right choice. Eating or not to, Exercise or not to, Studying my Bible…My focus on Prayer… a lot choices I want to have control over. I want to make the most of them… So 2011 – what’s your word going to be???????

Quilting Progress --- My Garden Block of the Month is coming along. I have four blocks left and the borders. It’s wool on cotton and came from Primitive Gatherings. I’ve loved every block of it.

Eric and I snow-shoed daily when he was home. How do you know you’re a quilter? You find quilting and fabric in everything. Here’s a snapshot I made Eric take of the snow looking like ribbon wrapped around a branch.

My Sunday School class loaded pinecones with suet and bird seed and made feeders for the birds for Christmas. A Friend gave me the recipe.
I’m normally at work when the birds feed, but over the holidays I had four days off (With pay for a change) and watched chickadees, sparrows and even a woodpecker feast on the seeds. My Mom is sending huge Louisiana Pinecones and I plan on doing this again….

New socks
New Coffee Mug.


Carol said...

love the bird seed pine cones. my grandchildren and I made birdseed bagels yesterday. they smeared cut bagels with peanut butter, then used birdseed, raisins and cranberries to "decorate" and I put a ribbon through the hole to hang in trees. fun to do. would like to know how you did the pine cones. did you melt the suet and mix in the birdseed, or roll it in the seed after coating with suet? my grandkids love projects like this! enjoy your blog very much!

Tazzie said...

Ohhh Melanie, you picked the perfect word for the year, and summed it up beautifully too. I wish wonderful things for you this year my friend.

Karen said...

I love the wool flower block too. Primitive Gatherings has nice wools.

Cheryl said...

We use to make pine cones for the birds when my children were little, so fun. Love your word for the year, I have been thinking of some of the choices made last year and some that I want to make this year.

Gypsy Quilter said...

What a good word for the year, and what lucky birds. Hope your New Year is bright and full of promise. Promise is going to be my new word for the year. I promise I will sew more, I promise I will walk more. . . you get the idea.

Carol said...

test...having trouble with google reader comment text

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I think my word will be the same has it has been for the past couple years - simplify. This leads to the words organize, toss, file, yadda yadda!

Have a great year, friend.

Sue said...

I really love the word 'integrity'. It's exactly how my father lived his life. A man of true integrity. That is how I would want to live my be a person who is exactly who she says she is when no one is looking.

I know exactly what you mean when you said that quilters see quilting or designs where ever they go. My son and I watched the movie TRON over the weekend and there on the floor was a large hexagon! It was actually tile in the floor, but in the movie being used as a helicopter landing (I think) Too funny.

Enjoyed your post and it sure is food for thought:)


Journeying said...

I'm loving your posts - as always.
I'm curious about the wool on cotton - is there no problem with the different weight of the fabrics? I love the use of wool but can't afford to buy enough for wool on wool - have figured the greater weight of the wool might not work on cotton - so have you figured how to work around that or is it not really a problem or have you figured out a solution?
Enjoy the snow!

(and I love your word choice for the year - I have a retired teacher/counselor friend who is very big on choice theory and it all makes a whole lot of sense)

Lorraine said...

Great word for the is full of choices - for instance - this morning I chose to sleep late then catch up on blog reading while I watched/listened to the cricket - next week I will be back at for now I am choosing to enjoy my days pottering around at home. I love your bird feeders and that pic of the snow is amazing. My word for this year is "live"...and enjoy. Happy New Year to you and your family Melanie.

McIrish Annie said...

I like your word for 2011. It's up to us to choose how we are going to live our lives. We can't always control the circumstances or events that occur. But we definitely have the choice as to how we will react and deal with them.

Love the suet feeders for your birds. They are lucky!