Friday, October 09, 2009

Wreaths and Angels

I’ve been intending to post all week. I’m just now finally getting a chance to hit the keyboard. I’ve been working on my Baskets of Life BOM. Here are two more completed blocks.
The Turbin Squash in the corner came from my garden. I love the colors. They’re kind of small, but for a first attempt and a really cool summer, I think they’re pretty slick.

The buggy is ready for the season. I made the wreath hanging in front. If you look closely you’ll see it’s made from old Barbed wire. Safety note—I used gloves when working with the wire, as I didn’t want rusty pokes. My bicycle has moved to the light post.
It was surrounded by Chrysanthemums until the deer had a feast one night.

Yesterday I received a surprise in the mail – an awesome Quilter’s Angel holding a thimble.
It was a “hug” just when I need it. The fabric is fat quarters from Buggy Barn’s newest line. Thanks again Karen. Your kindness will be truly remembered. I hope to pass it on to others….

Angels – both the “Quilted” and the “Quilter” ones
A good night’s rest
The weekend ahead


Sue said...

Oh I love your post today! Love the blocks you are working sweet.

I really LOVE that buggy! Where did you get that? It's so nice how you have it all decorated and such. The bike too!

What a nice gift Karen sent. I love those dolls and have them ALL over my house! Glad you were able to get a nice 'hug' just when you needed it!

Have a blessed weekend

Colleen said...

Love your decorations :o) The blocks are looking lovely! Enjoy your giftie from Karen!

Quilt Hollow said... the photos and decorating ideas! a fun little giggle about your deer feasting.

Fiona said...

I was just thinking of your buggy yesterday and wondering if you had decorated it for autumn (we were talking about halloween decorations at work) - it's such a great feature.

ohiofarmgirl said...

It is looking so festive at your home. Dianntha

Carol said...

Oh Mel I always love your buggy! Enjoy your weekend.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I love seeing how you decorate; the buggy is adorable! And you deserve the treat from Karen, too. I hope you have a great weekend. Let me know how the quilt shop trip was when you get a moment.

Joanne said...

Love the baskets and the turban squash! Sure makes it feel like fall! We had our first frost today.

julieQ said...

Love the buggy and all the fall time decorations!

Stina said...

Love your Basket blocks!!!! :o) And your buggy.. it is absolutly fantastic!!
Love love the little cute Angel... so so sweet of Karen!!!
Have a good week!

Judy said...

They look lovely! I haven't done those 2 yet. I decided to skip to the big fat basket full of pumpkins! Everything looks so ready for fall!

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Hi there! Say - I recognize that light house!!!! That is ST. Joseph! How cool is that?! Except now I am going to wonder who Karen is?! I wonder if I know her!?

I don't know if you remember me or not, but I was the one whose son was going to Michigan Tech...... and I think your son was about the same as as mine..... Mine is now living in Tacoma and working with websites/computers, but his "girl" still lives in Houghton, so we shall see if he moves back a little closer to home soon!

I am always impressed with all the quilting you do! You get an amazing amount of things done! You decorate beautifully, your house looks fantastic, and then you get quilts made - I get tired just thinking of it!

Anyway - had to drop a line when I saw "my" lighthouse, hope you and yours are all well, and cozy there in the U.P.

Hugs from "southern" Michigan - Diane

Adrienne said...

I love the buggy and the way you have decorated it for the season - and your bike is wonderful, too. My outdoor decorations are so simple but at least they are out!
Enjoyed seeing the blocks you're working on.

Northern Deb said...

I just found your blog for the first time and LOVE IT! I'm from MI also (Charlevoix area). Your buggy is such a nice decoration. We have a hay rake in our front yard, but then we built in an old hay field so that suited.
Hope to visit your blog more now that I know it's there :)