Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring just might make it to the U.P. after all. We’ve had a week’s worth of temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. Funny— My Mom called from Louisiana and said, “It’s cold here—53 degrees…” My response, “Mom, it’s warm here--- 53 degrees…”

Just another great example about life being just a series of perspectives…..

On my buffet at home --- my apple/cupcake/pumpkin/Christmas ornament stacker now holds birds’ nests with a promise of spring.

I’m just about set for the Prom dinner tomorrow. Shopping this afternoon and cleaning house after work so I all have to do is decorate tomorrow. Despite the hustle and bustle, I really want to appreciate the night and hold onto to things as it is an ending mark for my kids, the last of the high school dances.

Pictures coming on Sunday….

1. My job --- while I’m proud of my budgeted party—none of it would be possible without the job to fund it.
2. My kids--- trying so hard to become adults
3. Don—having patience to endure all of us and working long hours


Linda said...

Hope tomorrow evening is a wonderful night for everyone, looking forward to the photo's.

Clare said...

Have a great weekend and enjoy your kids while you still have them!

Looking forward to the photos too.

Donna said...

I love the buffet. What a wonderful idea to fill the "whatever" holder with bird nests. So springy!! Have a great time with your prom dinner. It's so hard watching our babies grow up and leave the nest. (Pun intended).


Stina said...

Good luck with the prom dinner!!!
Love the birds nest...Glad to hear spring has come to you...and so it has in Sweden too...I think...;D

Pat said...

Have a wonderful time tomorrow night. I remember those times with my two. The children grow so fast. I hope that they all stay safe and have a wonderful time. I'll be thinking of you.

Marcie said...

That little holder filled with birds nests is such a cute idea! All the decor for your prom party is wonderful. Can't wait to see more. you are so clever!

Finn said...

Love the birdnests...leave it to you think of the perfect icon for spring *VBS* Enjoy the party tonight *VBS* Big hugs, Finn

Libby said...

The big day is here! Hope it is filled with nothing but wonderful memories for the kids and the parents, too *s*

Karen said...

Love the birds' nests decoration you have made. So pretty and spring looking.

Hope all goes well with the dinner and prom!

Leanne said...

Take time to enjoy the evening. Looking forward to the photos.

Wendy said...

Enjoy every minute of the evening. It goes by really fast.

Love the birds nest decorating.

Love Bears All Things said...

Love how you decorated the stacker for Spring.
Mama Bear