Friday, May 19, 2017

The Barn Quilt

I may not own the barn... but I have the dream and the quilt for it.  It's a North Star block. Don is going to frame it for me in gray weathered wood and I'll hang it in my house.  

I had wished for one for a while...and too cheap to buy one--- I made it myself. It is painted on plywood, 16 inches square.

It's Friday evening....heading toward a rainy weekend.  Permission to quilt.


Karen said...

Good idea to paint your own. If I had a barn, I would have some kind of quilt block on it. I see so many barns with quilt blocks. I wonder if they all have quilters living on the property or the owner just thinks it is a good idea.

Colleen said...

Of course we would paint our own! It makes no sense to buy what we can already make ;O) Very nice! said...

Gorgeous. I need to make a barn quilt.