Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Magic of Christmas...Sorta

Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings is holding a stitch Along for Christmas here.  Chelsey and I have decided to work on the blocks.  I want my quilt to be bigger so each block pattern I'm making two.  I have chosen black and white--at least for right now.  Not Christmas-y but I'll use it a lot more.
My first blocks:

I love seeing quilting from a new set of eyes--- Chelsey's.

'Mom, how big do I make the squares before I cut them?'  I hadn't studied the pattern, but Lisa';s instructions have always been really accurate.  I looked at the pattern-- '1-4 1/4" ,  To a seasoned quilter, I completely get it.  But I called and read it to her." one square four and one quarter inches... "Oh, that's what that means-- I had no idea."

It's fun sharing it with her.  I'd make a seam and send her a cell phone photo.  Technology is a wonderful thing.

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Cute blocks. I saved the pattern in hopes that when I settle down i may be able to work on it.

Karen said...

I can see where the directions for cutting could be a bit of a puzzle for a newbie. I remember trying to figure out what a FQ was. And once I was told, it took me a while to remember about what the measurements of a fat quarter was.

Gypsy Quilter said...


Colleen said...

Go Chelsea! She sounds like she is doing great :o) I would love to work on that quilt too... just no time right now. So I save patterns and hope for that mythical day with 'more time.'