Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A quilt called Black Birds

DNA demanded it…. Chelsey’s started quilting. While I felt like she labelled me as the ‘dork’ of the family—Quilting has become the ultimate in cool.  It’s been a  great bonding moment for both of us.  I don’t know who loves it more--- her or me for  the fact that I get to share my ultimate passion with her. 
Every quilt I have ever given her has taken on new meaning as for as quilting styles, binding techniques, and lessons in piecing. She was given my old sewing machine when she moved out.  She’s dusted it off  and we’ve tackle that first ‘ broken needle’ together.  As I type this – I’m ordering a quarter inch quilting foot for that machine--- to give to her.
‘Mom, I never really knew how much time it took to make a quilt’. 
‘Mom, I got all my fabric from thrift shops --- and it’s still expensive…. I never knew’.
So many conversations that she’ll probably never know how much they mean to me. 
My family calls me ‘Aunt Bee’.  They’ll never call her that --- she wears the title ‘ Quilter’ with pride and dares anyone to judge or tease her.   Me--- I’ve never been that brave….
We were sharing pins on Pinterest -  (quilt pins)… 
I found a pin to share
 I loved it.  I told Chelsey it reminded me of her--- it said, “ Stand out in a Crowd…. Dare to be different”
She said we had to make it.  I researched and found the pattern.  I sent it to her. She texted back-“ I don’t know Mom--- looks like a quilt for someone with more experience.  I don’t think I could do it—maybe in a couple of years—just not now.”
I hate being pressured – and I have learned this about myself—quilting is my hobby on my own terms. I hate ‘have to’s ‘ and I hate deadlines.  I told her no big deal  that I got it, “ But Mom, you go on and make it.,” she said.
I just know she can do it.  So last night after eight o’clock, I pulled out my scraps – she just needs a sample, plus I’ll decide how hard the pattern is.  So this is my canary (Because it is yellow)-

I wrote her a letter—because she lives 100 miles away—and sent it. I told her to use it as a sample, or maybe if she ever makes the quilt to possibly use it as a label for the back.

I have to make this quilt—because it reminds me of her…..

5 comments: said...

Cute block. Isn't it nice to have a family member to share your passion?

Susie Q said...

Hi Melanie so glad you have a quilting buddy in the family. I have two boys and although I know men do sew and make quilts, my two will never be into fabric!!!!! I have a good friend who wants to learn and I am helping her and it is great fun. Love the block. Hugs, Susie x

Gypsy Quilter said...

You're such a great mom!

Colleen said...

So happy for you to share with her! I have two of my three girls working on projects, just small ones with wool applique, but they are definitely interested in the whole process.

Dottie Oestreich said...

What a blessing to have a daughter that wants to quilt!! So happy for you!!!!