Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sterling's Quilt

The goal was made.... A baby quilt for every new baby  in my life.... Church friends, work friends, family....I wanted them to each have one this year.

A young couple at work was expecting their third child.  He'd worked there for two years.  I asked around....was there a baby shower planned???.  There had been several this year --- just wanted to get my timeline for the quilt in order.  'Melanie, it's their 3rd kid....we usually don't do anything."
I got it.  I understood...but there was this thing inside me--- A third child is special.   Don't forget the third child. So I went on choosing fabric and cutting it up.  They planned on not finding out  the baby's sex --- and truthfully I knew very little about this young engineer and his family.  I chose Classic fabrics -- with the thoughts that mom could love the quilt long after the baby out grew it.

So a disappearing nine patch was the pattern and yellows, greens, and cranberries were the colors.  I knew the due date and I didn't want to be late.  I found out the day after the baby was born.  Sterling was 7.5 pounds--- a little boy.
I wrapped up the quilt and left it on Keith's desks early the next morning.  After a few days, He had not returned to work.  I went into his office wondering if he had picked up the quilt--I asked a couple of people -- Where's Keith?? The baby had to be rushed to Green Bay -- with high fever.
'Oh Melanie -- we're waiting on gifts..not know the condition of the infant..."

Honestly, if I had known about the baby's illness, I might have waited -- But I knew that little guy needed the love of a quilt more that ever -- and so did his momma.  I held my breath -- but had no regrets on the timing.  Sterling made it through and is home now with his big brother and sister

......and his handmade disappearing a nine-patch quilt.


Sue said...

Wow. What a precious gift for Sterling. So thankful he made it through and is home safe and sound....and bundled up in his beautiful quilt.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Very glad the wee one pulled through and will grow up feeling all the love through one small quilt.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What a precious quilt. I agree ... every baby needs a quilt made with love. Glad to hear that Sterling made it home safe and sound and is doing well.

MARCIE said...

So glad to hear the baby is fine. Your quilt must have been a comfort to the parents during a stressful time. It is a lovely quilt! I have never made a 9-patch like that.