Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independence Day 2013

Summer is in full swing... Today is a great day to catch up---

May 31st - Mr. Ripley turn One year old....

While some may think this a face only a  mother could love-- he warms my heart.  When Ransom died, I thought my world ended-- enter stage left - Ripley... Good Natured.... eager to please.. the Gentle Giant. He's beautiful.

And He loves Bruno....

And truth be told-- sometimes Bruno is not easy to love....;)

Today is a holiday.. We spent half the day at the lake with friends.  Good food and company.  Don and I both have to work tomorrow so we're home cooking ribs on the grill as I type.

Summertime is filled with porch time for us.  We had a rug under our grouping...but Ripley sometimes"redecorates" and gets a little destructive. So I did not put the rug down this summer.
Don built me a coffee table in its place.  I love it.

We went on a weekend trip a couple of weeks ago to Prairie Du Chein Wisconsin.  I found a set of used wheels for my buggy out front.  So We spent the night at the northern end of the Mississippi River.  We could see it from our hotel room.  I did not even 'google' quilt shops.  I didn't want or need anything. I was grateful for the wheels-- enough.

But.... On the way home--- out of know where--- I didn't even see the shop on the way down---

This shop appeared.  It's only been opened about three months the owner said.  It had the biggest selection of vintage machines I had ever seen.  I saw this book and noticed I had almost every quilt pinned in my Pinterest account.  It's a great book and to support the shop--- I purchased it.  

The shop is so big. I said, "You must have a really impressive guild in the area." 
The Shopkeeper said, " No-the owner just has a real  love of  quilting."
The shop is in the middle of a really small area surrounded by corn fields, but twice while I was there two quilters came running in frantic, " I was just a quarter of a yard short--- can you cut me a yard of this " and laid a bolt on the counter.  This shop is a gift to those quilters... If you ever hit the area -- it's completely worth the stop.


Karen said...

I like those dishes. I used to have patriotic dishes but I just did not have room for storage when we moved to a smaller home. I would have several sets of dishes if I had room to keep them. For all the holidays would be oh so nice.

Bonnie K said...

Ripley is a real beauty. It must be something with the breed, because Ella just wants everyone to be happy. I can imagine your joy at finding a matched set of wheels. I love old wheels. As for the quilt shop, I would be in heaven. Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie K said...

P.S. Our water tank started leaking so I filled the bottom with junk, put down a layer of straw, and then compost. I planted pumpkins and zinnias. So far so good.

Sue said...

Ripely is just so sweet. I love his gentle face. Our Buckley is like this too. He is eager to please and easy to work with. We've had some pups who were not so much.

Thanks for the heads up about the quilt shop. We've been visiting Wisconsin a bit these days, so I'll have to look it up next trip over.

I have that book too. It's one of my favorites and I keep going back to it to try and pick a quilt I'd like to work on when the baby quilt is done.

Speaking of vintage machines....made a few purchases recently....oh the joys :)

Muddling Through said...

I am really liking that table your Sweetie made for you. Maybe I can talk mine into one as well. I think Ripley is adorable!

MARCIE said...

So good of you to support that new shop. Lol! It does sound like a winner! Nice that you had such a lovely little trip. Love your display of patriotic dishes! And i would love to find a wagon wheel. I need to visit the midwest again.

Kindred Quilts said...

I'm so behind on reading blogs... hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!
Looks like I will be adding another Wisconsin quilt shop to my list of places to visit! Thanks for the info.
Ripley is the most adorable looking dog... or should I say handsome!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, you found my blog now I came to see yours, love it.....what a beautiful fur baby, happy Bday Ripley......Love the name of your blog, things I do adore, Blessings Francine.

Karen Walker said...

I just purchased that book everything quilt in it!

Lorraine said...

Ripley is gorgeous and looks every inch the gentle giant. Love the book - love the internet - love that now I have ordered the book and am looking forward to it arriving in my mailbox soon!