Saturday, May 28, 2011

Something to Talk about…..

Don’s home. He’s been out of town for three weeks. I’m not a whiner, but that’s a long time. The Garden is not planted, but it’s not his fault. The weather has been horrendous. We’ve even had three deep freeze warnings. The Old timers always tell you not to plant until after Memorial day--- I see why this year.

I’ve bought flower baskets for the front and back porch--- which I have continued to haul in at night religiously to protect “my investment”. When I was potting geraniums into pots I looked at the front door and knew it needed something.

I remembered a project I had purchased on a whim because Mary told me I needed the year’s worth of coupons and the free projects that went with “Any Purchase”. So--- with the longer daylight hours I sat on the porch with fabric and scissors at the table and put my welcome sign together. It’s from the Summer Gatherings Book by Lisa Bongean. I bought it in the dead of winter--- confident there would be a season of flowers again.

A three day weekend ahead…. Maybe that garden will finally get planted. We’ve got a grad party to go to and three days of sleeping in.


Karen said...

Oh, I like your welcome quilt. Is it on the outside of your door? I made a flag sort of piece and had it outside on my front porch. It faded something awful within a couple months. Too much sun out there.
When we lived in Ohio, people did not plant gardens until Memorial Day.

Sue said...

I really love your welcome quilt, Melanie! I need to make something like that for the front door here. But I haven't been in the sewing room in weeks and it will be at least another week before I can get in there.
I am so ready to sew again. Been missing it badly. I do have the Summer Gatherings book from Primitive Gatherings. Picked it up last summer when we were up there. One of the quilt kits I bought at Lisa's place has the pattern in the book.
I'm glad your hubby is home. Three weeks away is a long time and gets kind of lonely.
Don't worry about your garden. I have only been able to get two beds in. I'm hoping to get the rest in this weekend, but we'll see. The weather here has been just as awful. There is so much flooding.
Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend. We are gonna do some sleeping in as well. It's my form of a vacation since we don't get any.

McIrish Annie said...

Your welcome quilt is pretty! We are in the 80's this weekend. My son texted me from Truckee, CA that he had snow!!

Seems you are in the middle. Enjoy your weekend!

Muddling Through said...

What a lovely front door addition! You do such pretty work. And right about now, I'd trade some of this blistering heat we're having for some of your cold. :)

Loris said...

Sweet looking basket! Nice work! I hope you see some better weather for planting.

Carol said...

Oh Mel...I agree, 3 weeks is a very long time...ENJOY the long weekend!

Kris said...

Isn't it great that spring has finally come to our part of the world? I am still hauling my plants in and out at night in Green Bay, but since I've had them in the basement all winter, I sure don't want to lose them now!

Love your "Garden" banner.

Angie said...

Oh Melanie, I love your Welcome banner!! I think I may have that book, I'm going to look now. I love your colors. Three weeks IS a long time be 'home alone'. I'm glad he's back, and I hope you guys really enjoy the holiday weekend. :)

journeying said...

Welcome, spring!
Welcome, husband!
Welcome, blessings of all kinds!

Carrie P. said...

A very nice welcome for all who come to your home.