Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Watch 2011

I have had all week to be downstairs in my sewing room quilting up a storm and I just haven’t. We’ve been plagued with thunderstorms that have knocked out power two separate days. Growing up in Louisiana this was a normal occasion, but it’s been twenty years since power has been lost due to rain around here.

Sunday evenings are spent rounding up some hand sewing to work on in the evenings. The days are longer and the pups keep the screen door banging as they bounce from outside to in. My garden quilt is pieced and my Hop to It block is done. I decided to pull out an old project.

My Primitive Garden project was designed by Lisa Bongean. All the blocks are completed. I’m not great at needle-turn appliqué. I exhaled after the blocks were complete ---but got completely discouraged with the border packages came in.

A few month ago Chelsey and I were playing downstairs and she pulled it out, “Mom, you really need to finish this….” Well, Sunday night I pull it out and prepped a border. I’ve been stealing moments working on it here and there this week. It’s not as hard as it was a few years ago. This may be the summer to finish it.

Garden watch 2011 continues.

She’s been tilled. I think next week may be the week to get her rowed up and planted. We have two days of freezing nightly temps but later in the week it’s supposed to be gorgeous. After a week of rain, I’m ready.

Last week I really needed something to babysit. Tired of winter, I found these perennials on sale. Yes, I’m toting them in and out and watering them—But it keeps me from planting that garden too early.

Last Monday I purchased vegetable seeds… I just have to be patient. I did the Wal-mart run yesterday evening – so after a run with the pups…. The rest of the day is for fun.

my new love Vege-pizza
Hostas faithfully returning after winter
A New Apple Pie Candle


Karen said...

The borders for that quilt are a bit intimidating if I remember correctly. You could always had just plain borders and call it done.

Sue said...

If you don't like needleturn, try the starch method. It gives nice crisp edges.
You've been busy. I haven't even started my Hop to it block yet, and it's one of my favorites on the quilt. I have a twelve page paper to write and have been enjoying the great outdoors. The computer has taken a back seat.
We are getting our fare share of rain right now with lots of flooding.
Your garden plot looks great. We have to do the raised beds since the soil is so awful around here. We'll be planting this next week.
Enjoy your weekend.

Colleen said...

Congratulations for hauling out those borders! I still after all this time am debating about whether to do them or not. I have the wool version which is easier, but all that prep work... makes me pause.

I am in the same 'boat' with you as far as gardening. I haul plants in and out waiting for warmer days. Gives me something to admire :o)

deb said...

love the project....its gonna be awesome! the garden looks amazing...cant wait to see what your gardens grows!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Good luck with the garden and the finishing quilt projects, Years here as well, since power went out, must be bad storms, Tracey