Friday, October 22, 2010

October Sewing...

I guess for a little while my sewing will be measured by the moments versus the minutes. It’s Friday night and Chelsey came home from school for the weekend. The sewing machine is humming because she’s making a baby quilt for a donation project… Funny, huh?!?!

I told her to be careful, she could be turning into her mom....Home on a friday night quilting... I'm pretty smug about it....

Work is going so well. I’m learning so much.  A totally different environment than I'm used to.  I know I'm still honeymooning at the office and sooner or later it will turn into "work" but I am really liking ti so far.

I have been sewing. I don’t have a lot of time for writing in my journal. I just seem to have so many things I want to do in a day. I DVR shows but TV is really off the list except for Sunday football (does that count???) . I’ve been reading, running the pups in the woods, because the Fall has been gorgeous. I’ve been staying on top of the housework and working through a couple of devotions-Simple Abundance and Mothers of the Bible.

I made postcards to send Chelsey. To fit her college apartment, I made the colors match. I completely forgot to photograph them so the photo is from her.

Again I completely forgot to photograph the journal I made for a bridal shower gift. I grab a quick snapshot right before putting it on the gift table.

Lastly Chelsey went to an A-B-C party last weekend….Anything but cloth. People made clothes out of garbage bags, wrapping paper, duct tape.
Chelsey found play money at the dollar store and I made a
paper sheath and we attached the dollar bills to it. She made jewelry from play coins. It turned out real cute.

I've been keeping up with my block of the month project. I'll photograph it maybe tomorrow.

Chick Flicks with Chelsey
Flying Geese-- the real ones heading South for the winter
Vanilla Creme for my coffee


Carol said...

Mel I'm just smiling from ear to ear for you! You sound fantastic! And how fun...Chelsey is turning into her mom! That's a very good thing!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

How funny - you're being smug and all! You go right ahead; you've turned out pretty good.

Good to see you post again.

Stina said...

Thats the spirit... happy smiles... both from mum and daughter!!

Linda said...

So nice for you to have your girl home on a Friday evening, and at the sewing But my biggest smile came from the news of your new job. I'm so happy for you. God's timing is always perfect. He's never early, never late, but always His timing is perfect.We just need to learn to trust in Him more, preaching to myself here. Again congratulations on the new job and all that goes with it.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh how fun! And I did get a smile out of Chelsey making a baby quilt for charity. My middle daughter hates my quilting - but guess what her fraternity had to do last year - yup make quilts for a charity! I thought that was just too funny! And my youngest went off to college this year, and guess what! Her roommate is a quilter! Too funny!!!!

Greenmare said...

Hey Iron Mountain lady! good job on your daughter!!! ;-)
the money dress is adorable, and you need to show the baby quilt she made! Also, where did you find those cool sounding devotion books???

Karen said...

I guess I missed somewhere along the line that you are back to work.
I wish my daughter had the urge to quilt or to sew at all.

Muddling Through said...

It is so good to see you here again, and how beautiful Chelsey is! It's so grand that you both enjoy so many of the same things, and super wonderful that you are so enjoying your new job! Yay for you!

Libby said...

Chelsey looks like a natural at that machine *s*

deb said...

My daughters name is Chelsey dont see it spelled that way too often.....and it would be great if she turned into her mom:)