Monday, November 16, 2009

This was made from the cover pattern of Create and Decorate Magazine. A week ago I was stressing over fallen leaves--- Note to Self: There are MANY more important things to feel bad for…. leaves not one of them. After church, a family asked me what I was doing this afternoon. My response was “Pretty much nothing.”

“Well, we’re coming over to rake leaves.”

“No – I can’t have you doing that…”

“Well you just stay inside and we’ll take care of it…”

They were coming over at 2:30 pm. Mortified at the thought of how lazy I was -- and the dog poop that was probably out there--- I went home and raked like a mad woman--- kicking myself as to why I ever felt sorry for myself. For 2 ½ hours I raked and got everything but the very front yard done. They came and laughed at me. "Like we've never seen dog poop"  they giggled with their labrador in tow.  We finished up in twenty minutes. I just needed that kick in the pants I guess.

The candle cozy was funny to make and was made of muslin coffee dyed after the stitchery was made.

The homestretch is on--- Don will be home in three weeks. I’ve mostly just taken care of myself the months. I need to get busy. A Minor meltdown… Ransom has become arthritic. One we got him on the right medicine he’s rebounding real well. With the active puppy around, he tries to keep up.

Chelsey has been coming home regularly “babysitting” me. I’ve really enjoyed her. Oh—and I’m no longer afraid of the dark….


Baby Aspirin

A warm autumn for the U.P.

Fabric Scraps


Petra said...

Hi there... have to confess.. not a single leaf is raked on my yard...:o) Am I bad!!!?? Hope not..:o)

Wish I had those neighbours like yours..:o)
Love the little snowman.. a lovely idea...
Take care... and hope I get a kick in the back too.. so things will start to get done around here!!

Stina said...

Nooo... sigh... My daughter was inlogged again...sigh.. it is me Stina..!!! Not Petra..sorry ;o))...

Karen said...

The leaves must be like cleaning house. If a call comes saying someone is coming to visit, you can do a whole lot of cleaning in a short period of time.

Cara said...

Ok so tell me how the heck you over came being afraid of the dark because I haven't managed it yet, seriuosly, I dislike the dark if I'm alone.

One of the few good things about being in an apratment no leaves to rake, bad thing? No leaves to play in ;)

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

You are so funny!...I got a kick out of you raking the leaves before your friends got there. I had a housekeeper once and I cleaned before she got here. Now, I need one, but can't expect anyone to tackle the mess I have made. LOL! Plus, I would rather buy fabric with that money.LOL!

I love, love, love, that snowman candle cozy. He is a cutie.

So glad that Don will be home soon. ~Many Blessing, Karen

Kathie said...

oh you would have offered to do the same thing .
Isn't it wonderful to have friends like that , willing to help you with physical labor
warms my heart
love the snowman tag
Glad Ransom is doing better and Chelsey is coming home often to check up on you!!!!

Sara said...

I'm sorry. I religiously read your blog, but I missed something. Where is Don, and how long has he been gone? Seems like a LONG time. I seem to remember he lost his job. Did he have to take a job in a different city? I know the options in the U.P. can be limited. My husband's father is from there. Glad to hear he will be home in a few weeks! Do you get to see him at Thanksgiving?

Colleen said...

I love that jar wrap. Very cute. Thank goodness for friends and neighbors!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Very funny post, and I enjoyed it so much. Cute candle, too; I saw that magazine - now I wish I had bought it!

Carol said...

Oh that candle cozy is sooooooo cute...YIPPEE! Don's coming home real soon!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I loved your jar - did you glue the stitchery on there? blessings, marlene

Beemoosie said...

Oh...I've gotta have you talk to my mother...she is crazy over the leaves!! :)
The candle cozy is so cute...I've got that magazine around here somewhere, I need to get busy!

McIrish Annie said...

I'm the same way about leaves and I hate those leaf blowers. I find it theraputic raking with some sunshine and fresh air. I still have some to go but hopefully after Turkey Day (work off all the pie I will be eating!)

Hope you and yours have a very Happy and Homey Thanksgiving

julieQ said...

I know they were glad to help...and I have more leaves to rake than I know what to do with!