Sunday, April 12, 2009

Catching Up

In a funny way, I feel like a stranger to my own journal. It’s been several days since I last posted. Busy living life I guess. Time to play catch up.

Quilter friends --- are the best. So far, they’ve accepted me without perfect kids, perfect house and perfect quilts. They are most accepting in spite of missed stitches and the occasional exposed knot.
An on-line friend offered to be by personal antique dealer and sent me—on faith three of the greatest canning jars after I commented how I loved them on her sight. I sent her a check, but I marvel at her trust. They will be filled with tulips—from the florist--- hopefully by the time the week is out.

Several have emailed me on Linda’s gift of quilt patterns. Truly, I felt like a slacker, only being able to send patterns… but I just couldn’t picture that grandbaby without out them and knew the child would probably graduate from high school before I could do them.. I got them from Go to the store locator and if you can’t find one close, there is an option for designer to contact you personally—quite a treat—and I purchased direct from her accounting department.

It’s Easter. My Sunday School kids made these bird’s nests from squashed paper bags with moss gathered from the woods.
Yes—every four-year old discussed their Easter basket the Easter bunny left this morning, But I focused on the newness of life—second chances—and prayers of thanksgiving to God for every treat in each basket.
Here’s my Basket on my Front Porch. We’ve hit 50 degrees 3 days in a row. Spring is just about here. I’ve seen three Robins. We’ still have spots of snow in the woods and we’ve got a good four weeks that we could still get snow… who am I kidding…we could still get snow almost any day of the year living in the U.P….. but I’ll call it “good” in about four weeks.

Here’s a little stitchery block of the month I could pass up…Great for the Covered porch the pass few days. It’s called Ruby’s Garden, from Waltzing with the Bears. Buggy Barn is sponsoring it and as always they do a great job of preparing it and shipping it monthly.

My friend at work has a birthday tomorrow. I had been studying the free pattern for the little bag at Moda fabrics for a while.
Well, Saturday morning I pulled this together. Can’t wait for her to find it on her desk tomorrow. She’s a card maker. So, the trinkets are for cards she makes for others. The gum is our continued secret--- granting us the power to work in an office of men. As long as we chew the gum it keeps us from having tears in anger, in sadness, in ridicule, and in times when we, as women , just don’t want to be at work…. But boy… we sure are grateful for that paycheck twice a month…..

You do what you gotta do….

Have a great week everyone….


The Retired One said...

Such a cute gift for her..that was very nice of her.
I live in the U.P. too...wasn't the weather WONDERFUL today??? We went for a long walk and down by the lake, you can see things melting quickly!!
I am so excited! I posted some photos of some robins on my blog today, stop by!
The Retirement Chronicles

CJ said...

Nice gifts you have there! Happy Easter.

Judy said...

I can't wait to see how those jars look filled with flowers! I got 3 bunches of daffodils at Trader Joe's last weekend, and I pulled out a blue jar missing it's lid and stuck them right in! The colors look so lovely together!

Loris said...

Awesome entry..just a pleasure to read. And the pics are great! Those patterns look tempting.
Your friend is going to be very happily surprised tomorrow. Happy Birthday to her :-)

Carol said...

Those jars are wonderful...and I've told you before, your Sunday School children are the luckiest kids around to have you for a teacher. You do the most awesome things with them. Love that new stitchery.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting said...

Your gift is so cute! Your co-worker is sure to love it. Grats on the warm-ish weather up there =) Here's hoping that you will be snow-free, and win the lottery so that you can quit that job where all the mean men work!! hahah
Have a great day!

Teri said...

A prim yooper! I love it! I, too, live in a rural town in the Upper Peninsula of Mich...(are there any big towns lol) No one I know understands prim...and I haven't found any prim shops here either..Nice to meet you!

Journeying said...

I've missed you!! I was so glad to see your post today.
And, as always, you have lots of great pictures and great ideas. Your Sunday School kids ARE the luckiest! The bird's nest and card are great. I'm going to investigate the little stitchery patterns - the Ruby's Garden - they look very interesting.
Welcome back!

Sue said...

So nice to here from you again!
Your gift from your friend is wonderful. I too, collect those canning jars! I love them and they are sitting atop my cabinets in my kitchen.
I love the patterns you are sending to your friend.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebrating the RISEN Savior! Isn't God just so good!


Linda said...

Those patterns have been by my side ever since they arrived. The fenced one has now been started. I just couldn't let it sit for any longer without seeing it come to life. Only the background pieced at the moment, but it won't take too long to finish, and every time I look at it, it will remind me of a friend in another state and my abundant blessings.
Love the bag you made for your friend, and your little nests are a wonderful cration, such blessed kids to have you teach them. Have a great week.

Angie said...

Happy Easter, Melanie! It was great to see you had posted! :) Don't you just love those jars!!! And how wonderful to have them shipped to you. :) Your friend at work is one lucky woman---that bag is adorable--and as always I love seeing your seasonal decorations. :) The bird nest from your SS kids is adorable. :)

Libby said...

Love your canning jars with the zinc lids - how fabulous to have your very own antiques dealer. You are a very special gal *s*

Quilts And Pieces said...

I had been eyeing that bag pattern too. I need to get to it!

Stina said...

Hope you have had a wonderful Easter!!! :o)
Just back for a lovely trip to my parents and had to see what you were up too.. :o)
Lovely and thoughtful gifts for your friends... going to love and see what Lindas quilt will look like.. and I just loved thises jars of yours..
Take care...