Monday, August 18, 2008

I’m still here--- Not a lot of quilting going on… maybe a little hand stitching at night before turning in. Doesn’t mean I’m sitting idol; it just means I’m taking summer for all it’s worth.

Quilt stuff first….A girlfriend at work went to a quilt shop in Ironwood…. She’s not even a Quilter. She did it for me. She was vacationing and stopped and filled her cell phone with snapshots. What a girl!!! She even brought me back a pattern and fat quarters.
I almost feel like I was there. But even more than that… it’s great to be thought of by someone else. She told me the fabrics are from a Japanese line.

My friend is the Queen of Rubber Stamping. I am definitely a rookie, but I keep practicing. She shows me every thing quilt related. This was her latest find. Quilt stamps. Right now, I’m short on time, but here’s a rookie attempt at using them for her thank you note.

I have dreams of using them on quilt labels and postcards… and those days will come… just not right now. I really appreciate her. It’s nice having something to talk about besides work….

Life at home. A week ago, we took the kids and their dates kayaking for a day. Most fun I’ve had in a while. I had my family with no cell phones and no television. We were all first-timers and made great memories. Boulders would appear in the middle of the river and the kids would swear they were icebergs and start quoting “The Titanic” and singing the theme song. I laughed so much. Chelsey and I went to see ‘Sisters on the Traveling Pants II’ this weekend and did the last of her college dorm room shopping. We take her to college on Thursday. Don laughs when he looks in the bags---‘They don’t have Wal-mart where she’s going????’ We have to go into great detail about it being a ‘Shopping Experience’ and that he should have been there. But she’s stocked now with Tide, Ramen Noodles, Shampoo, and the all important Memory CD filled with Power Songs to get her through any loneliness she might have. Somehow--- I just can’t picture the kid lonely….. I think I may be the one needing the Power Songs… this is a lot harder for me than I thought it was going to be. We’ve been grilling and playing cards with Chelsey and friends at night. Life is about to change.

I’ve got a care package built for her and we’ll show the photos in Thursday’s post…. I hope this is a good week. Lots of things on my mind.


rachel griffith said...

how nice of your friend to do that.
lucky gal you are.

cute quilting stamps.

sounds like you are enjoying your summer...before college starts.

Linda said...

Stamping fun, I haven't been bitten by that bug.....yet. All the best for the coming week.... prayers for all you need.

Carol said...

What a good friend!
Love those're right, they'll make perfect labels.
What a great family day.

Pat said...

Friends are the best! What would we do without them? Love your gifts. Great job on the card. I have tried it a time or two. Its fun. I will be thinking of you the next couple of weeks. Good luck to Chelsey and Mom too!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

I know, I am experiencing these changes right along with you. It is hard, sad, and being excited for them all at the same time. Day by day... that's how I take it.

tami said...

I really like the quilt stamps. I think you can make some really great quilt labels.

Journeying said...

The things you are doing and the ways you're spending these last days sound soooo much like what we did a few years ago. The memories you're building will stand you in good stead.
And, yes, you will need a few Power Songs of your own.
Great to have a non-quilter be able to give you such a great gift. She already knows you like stamps and she managed to combine the two.

Back in the Day said...

I have you a surprise! Stop over at my blog to get your award!


Leanne said...

I know how you are many emotions....the kayaking sounded like lots of fun.

Karen said...

Well, how nice to have a friend shop for you....and not even a quilty friend.
I get tempted by those rubber stamps but that's another whole fortune to spend on craft supplies. I have enough to keep up with the quilting expense.

Idaho Quilter said...

My blogging and quilting have both slowed down for the summer, glad to hear I'm not the only one. Best wishes to you and yours.

Rosemary said...

I have a surprise for you on my blog. Please check it when you can.

Love those stamps!!!!


Debbie @ said...

How fun! That girl deserves a new stamp pad! That is wonderful, she thought of you and then got you something, I love that!!!!
Have a lovely day, I really enjoy your blog.