Sunday, January 04, 2015


The Strawberries are made up of three rows of fabric pieces. The strawberry bottoms are made and the stems also.  It's the middle row that is intimidating to me.  Great instructions -- Quarter triangle squares just don't come easy for me.  I'm taking it a seam it a time while watching football.

Our weather is back to single digits.  Tomorrow we have a high of -4 degrees.  Quilting weather.


Karen said...

-4! I will not be coming to visit. Too cold. Good time to stay home and work on a quilt but I know you have a job to go to.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

-4? And that's the high? Yikes!!!! And I thought it was going to be cold here with a low of 0 on Wednesday. It'll seem almost balmy in comparison.

Synthia said...

I'm so happy you are blogging again. I'd almost given up on you. (smile) Congrats on your new DIL.